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An Introduction to Fetch

Hi there, and welcome to Fetcheveryone!

It can be a bit difficult to find your way around somewhere new, but don't be afraid to try things out. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that if you get really stuck, there's a 'Feedback' link at the top of every page. Click that and ask me if you need help.

Here are a few pointers to help you get off to a good start:

That's why we're all here, right? At the top of each page, you'll see a link called 'Add Training' - click that and you're in business. You can take the simple approach, and just add the amount of miles and the time it took, or if you've got a fancy watch, we support a variety of methods for importing your run. Add a few runs, and you'll start to see your training log build up nicely. Here's a little YouTube video showing you what you can get when you import from a watch (best viewed full screen!):

Our events listings are compiled thanks to the combined efforts of thousands of Fetchies who use the website on a daily basis. Click the 'Race' tab in the menu and you can search for events near you. And if your event isn't listed, it's simple to add it to our database - and you'll be helping everyone else out too. When you see races that you're interested in, look for the link to add them to your Race Portfolio.

One of the best ways to spend your time between runs is to chat with other Fetchies in our forum. There's no better alternative than to dive straight in and introduce yourself - or if you need some advice with your running, just go for it. To help remind our regulars to go easy on you, your first hundred posts will have L-plates attached - so don't be afraid to get stuck in. Most people are very friendly - there's the odd one or two, you know, like anywhere - but hey, you've only just got here, so lets not talk about that yet.

In between runs, there's nothing more enjoyable than thinking about your next one. Our route measurement tool allows you to scope out your plans, check elevation, store the route for later, and share it with your friends. There are also hundreds of routes around popular areas that have been shared by other Fetchies.

If you like looking at a mixture of running pictures; interesting injuries; puppies and kittens; and a whole bunch of other random stuff, then drop into the gallery. You get 25MB of space to upload your pics too - so get sharing. You can also submit pics from your Twitter account - we're tres modern here.

If you spend most of your time peering through your net curtains at the neighbours, this is the ideal place for you. We have a wide variety of bloggers - covering everything from race reviews and training notes; through to whether the mayor wears a toupee. It's a useful way to get feedback on whatever it is you want to talk about.

If you belong to a running club, look it up in our listings. It's a quick way to keep an eye on the training that your club mates are doing; to see results from recent races; and more. What, you mean your club mates aren't on Fetch? They need telling! No honestly, I'd appreciate it if you could spread the word.

Final Word
There's a load more to do, but those are the basics - so give them a try, and don't be scared. If something doesn't work right, I've probably broken it whilst messing about with the code - so don't forget that Feedback link at the top of the page.

Happy Running,

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  • Succinct and witty in equal measure.... and I learned something, despite having been here a year :-)
  • Been away for a while injury lazyness wow fetch does everything but the run for me love it
  • Back running after a long time out with injuries. My times are slow but coming back !
  • Fun.running goin to do leyland 10k.boxing day
  • I've never been running before but bought 'Running for Beginners' & have decided I need to try & go for it. Years ago I was terrible at running at school when playing lacrosse so never dreamed I'd do this. I just felt I couldn't keep giving advice to patients to 'try & stay active' and do v little myself. I'm 46 & feel about 90 - v difficult to find time to walk anywhere let alone anything else - my little 3 year old walks soooo slowly & my back feels so stiff!!
  • whoa! I'm a GP who finally decided to take my own advice and try taking reg exercise and eating well. I'm 57.
    It feels SO good!
  • my hip aches not sure whats wrong anyone had this before and if so how did you go about in the healing process many thanks philboy131
  • I want to do a marathon someday. For now I am happy running 5 to 10k
  • First official marathon on Sunday I'm half excited and half scared. My training will pull me through I hope.
  • Take the first half slow. If you feel okay then go for it. And enjoy it the first one as its so special. Take the next day off for a rest and to alot of walking to get the stiffness out it will take a week to get over it. Good luck spencer Dobson
  • Take the first half slow. If you feel okay then go for it. And enjoy it the first one as its so special. Take the next day off for a rest and to alot of walking to get the stiffness out it will take a week to get over it. Good luck spencer Dobson
  • I only started Joging to improve my Stamina, but now i do it regualary. Its a nice way relax after a long day of school adn now, i guss, I love jogging more than Football.
  • Running & Philosophy please.............. I am a late starter but slowly getting there
  • Join here to get motivation. Keep dipping in and out of running. Did 6 miles on Sunday felt great
    Yesterday did 3 and half and came so close to putting my trainers in the bin
  • Hit and miss with training , feeling like I should try again
  • Last time I ran was for the school cross country team in an event in Southampton in 1982, Hit 50 last month and with great timing someone at my company started a running club which I joined, Tonight went out in the dark and rain for my third training session and loved every minute..OK am totally shattered and thought I am too old for this! But now sat at home after hot shower and healthy dinner with that warm glow of I did it. First goal is Southampton half marathon next May.
  • 2016 is my year to return to running and sport in general. I ran competitively for 'ever' and gave it up over 20 years ago ....the time has come to dust off the trainers and get back the feel good factor :-)
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