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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Big Fetch Mile Woking 2018

We're back safely from yet another Big Fetch Mile, finding yet another huge chunk of sunshine despite the thunderstorms sweeping the UK. It was an excellent day for collecting new stickers, and I felt at home with a nice collection of old and new Fetchies.

After more than the usual amount of faffing with banners and flags in rock-hard ground, we were finally ready to go. Our first race saw our first Nordic flier, with Liebling zooming along; and a brave debut mile from Aimee from the Lagerweij family.

Out of 41 finishers, 28 managed to beat or equal their predicted times, and Donswoj tore up the record book with a new Big Fetch Mile record of 4:44, exhibiting a wonderful running style in the process. Fairy clogs led the women's times with a hard-fought 6:42.

Photos from the event are available on Facebook. Please tag and share with your friends to help us spread the word about Fetcheveryone.

Thank you all so much for coming along and making our day a great one. Our site, just like our mile, is entirely free for everyone - we are funded by voluntary donations from happy users - thank you to everyone who contributed on the day.

If you're new to Fetcheveryone, please check out our training log, our race listings, and our wonderful forum, where you'll find a good deal of support from runners, bikers and swimmers from all over the UK and beyond.

We hope to be in Manchester next (more details on that soon), and then we move on to Cardiff in November. Sign up for Cardiff and keep up to date here: fetcheveryone.com/bigfetchmile

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  • Thank you Ian, Katie and all you lovely Fetchies! Oh and... PB! :-D
  • Thanks Fetch, Katie and all the Fetches, a very enjoyable day and very pleased with my time and the massive pile of cake
  • Me and my extended family had such a great afternoon. Thanks so much! heart Fetchies.
  • Thank you everyone. Great afternoon
  • Thank-you Ian, Katie and all the other lovely Fetchies for a lovely gathering. Well worth driving over 3 hours round trip to run a mile. :)
  • Lovely to be able to put some faces to names. Thanks for a fun afternoon. x
  • Thank you :-)
  • thanks very much Ian, Katie and the other Fetchies; great little event and my daughter Holly and I really enjoyed it (especially her win!)
  • What a brilliant couple of hours. Absolutely loved it. Made a nice change from training for ultras. :-)
  • PS Wilfy - Holly was brilliant - what a sprint finish, I couldn't get near her!
  • It was lovely to see so many people - and thank you all for welcoming Eli
  • Thank you Fetch for organising the event. Lots of lovely people and a great afternoon. Well done to everyone for making it such a fun time.
  • Thank you Fetch & Katie for organising. Thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon even if it did remind me why I hate running on the track!
  • A lovely afternoon spent with like minded people. Thank you :D
  • A great event + well organised. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially enjoyed the grain of rice relay at the end. Roll on the next one
  • Great event. Thanks for organising.
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Roll of Honour
Aimee Lagerweij 11:35
Liebling 11:05
su_was_here 10:26
Marissa 10:18
alpenrose 10:18
SillyOsk 09:30
ChrisHB 09:17
Grast_girl 08:31
anomis66 08:13
LizW 08:02
Feg 08:02
PaulaMc 07:48
westmoors 07:47
Fierce and Focused Fleecy 07:32
FleetPhil 07:24
Amanda75 07:24
TeeBee 07:22
Hanslagerweij 07:22
McGoohan 07:20
Sombrero 07:12
Holly 07:07
Elsie Too 07:02
Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) 06:54
Fairy clogs 06:42
mole-thing 06:35
Zehnderboy 06:28
StuH 06:27
Mr. K. 06:24
TheGorgeousEd 06:20
Duncs 06:20
Mighty Mike 06:18
Jigs 06:05
mbolt 05:47
BillStenning 05:45
brench 05:32
Wilfy 05:31
Barnlewbram 05:27
nathan016 05:06
Rob S 05:05
BenR 04:59
Donswoj 04:44

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