• London Marathon Ballot Day

    Sponsored by the Great Barrow Challenge

    This week, a record 386,050 people will find out if they've been successful in the London Marathon entry ballot. It's a record number, beating the previous year by 29%.

    Nearly three-fifths of ballot hopefuls have never run a marathon before - which just proves what we already know. Running is cool! Whether you like the mechanics of big city racing or not, it's difficult not to get itchy feet when you see it, and it's easy to see how it inspires non-runners.

    But what this also means is that a record number of runners will be rejected, and the chances of getting into the race have become increasingly slim. If you're one of 300,000+ people who received a rejection email today, help is at hand.

    In 2017, Fetcheveryone listed a massive 545 marathons, including 166 in springtime. London isn't the marathon, it's just one of many marathons, all of which offer a unique experience, and all of them exactly the same distance (well, mostly).

    So for those of you who might be feeling disappointed today, it's time to explore those other options. Start by checking out our lovely sponsor, the Great Barrow Challenge who would love to show you that marathon running doesn't have to involve sponsorship, costumes, or an excess of concrete. There's a £2 discount too, using the code FETCH2 - take a look!

    And if that doesn't float your boat, search our listings for the marathon of your dreams...

    If you did manage to get into the ballot, add the race to your Fetch Portfolio for the occasional bit of helpful advice in the build up to race day.

    Oh, and...
    You can still soak up the atmosphere at London by joining us at London Marathon Fetchpoint - our regular support station around mile 22. If you'd like to know more, come and watch this thread for updates.


    • Actually had a GFA but still nice to get the your in magazine. Trying not to think too far ahead but will be plotting the route to better last year and hopefully go sub 2:45 in only my 3rd marathon!
    • Got my commiserations 'you're not in' email today. Wouldn't have even considered entering if I hadn't joined 2017's VLM Fetchpoint and witnessed the incredible atmosphere and determination of all the runners! I'll bring oranges with me next time :-)
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