Big Fetch Mile - Bedford

It was a grand day out on Saturday, as Fetchies from far and wide gathered at Bedford International Athletics Stadium for the Big Fetch Mile. It's by no means the first time we've done this, but it was the first since we became independent - and the mood was one of celebration, fun and friendship!

The clue is in the name really - our website is for everyone - and our competitors ranged from 5:14 to 13:46, and from 10 to 74 - we cheered them all home.

There were some dramatic and impressive sprint finishes, lots of big efforts all round, coupled with a healthy dose of showboating and not taking ourselves too seriously.

And with all events involving Fetchies, it's never just about the running. I swayed home a few hours later, with shoulders like a lobster, and a big grin on my face that has yet to fade.

The full set of photos from the talented Silvershadow are available on our Facebook page.

If you missed out, or even if you didn't, you might be pleased to know that there are at least two further Fetch Miles planned for Moorways, Derby (probably 2nd September) and Cambridge (probably 2nd December). But we had so much fun, we're very tempted to go on a bit of a tour! Leave a comment below if you can make Derby or Cambridge, and if not, tell us where we should aim for!

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  • Manchester plz :-)
  • London and I might be able to get that far ...
  • Manchester / Leeds - or split the difference - try Halifax..!
  • Another vote for London :-)
  • london is a great idea.....the olympic stadium..... but ill do my damndest to get to cambridge if i possibly can, with all parts of me functioning
  • Ooh! Both sound great. Will remember to keep hold if my own property next time! ;-):-)
  • definitely Cambridge, possibly Derby but may have a tri that weekend
  • I'll trot along to Cambridge.
  • OMG... I probably could make Derby... can I bring himself?
  • While I *intend* to be touring Europe on two wheels on Sep 2nd, it's actually more likely I'll be able to get to Derby. Incidentally, as the years pass I'm more and more in favour of summer weather for spending long afternoons outdoors.
  • Definitely Cambridge, possibly Derby but with events already booked for the Friday and Sunday it might be reckless. FOMO vs Sensible - hmm?
  • Can't believe that I was actually within an hour of Bedford at the weekend, but otherwise engaged, so couldn't get there!
    Something reasonably northern - Leeds, Manchester, dare I say Newcastle? Or over the border to Edinburgh?
    I may make the trek to Derby if D2 brings Beary McBearface
  • :-)
  • Oxford? Birmingham?
  • Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds that kind of thing. Huddersfield was where grid and I met so that's be pretty cool.
  • D2 - if I remember right, there's a nice grassy area around the track for walks and essential duties :-)
  • That'd not that's
  • Can probably do Derby.
  • I enjoyed it enough to slog across to Cambridge on a motorcycle in the winter. :-)
  • With the huge number of Scottish Fetchies, one up here would be good - Stirling is central (and where we used to have a few Fetch miles in days gone by)
  • Love these photos :-) Will try to get to Cambridge, whenever we try to do a mile in London it's a bit of a flop in terms of numbers for some reason, we probably need someone who knows what they're doing to organise it :-)
  • Must be enough Fetchies in Hampshire?
  • Scotland somewhere would be good, Stirling is central as Andy mentioned.
  • I'm contemplating how to organise being at both of these. Derby is certainly feasible.
  • Scotland pleeeeeeaaaase :-)
  • Definitely Cambridge :-)
  • I can't find the photos on FB. Just one of a race starting.
  • Derby is very doable for me.
  • Derby is fab and I can train and maybe run a mile non stop by then! And get a mag!
  • I vote for something further south eg in Berkshire like Reading or Bracknell
  • I should be able to make the Cambridge one- Its high time I did another Fabulous Fetch Mile!
  • Ooh, I could do both Derby and Cambridge if those dates are definites.
  • I'm putting Derby in my diary right now, it is, sort of, on the way to the Wolverhampton Marathon.

    Cambridge is slightly harder to get to, but I'm sure it is not impossible.
  • Cambridge is my home Mile, so I can highly recommend it (RichHL has organised it several times and knows what he's doing). Of course, I'm biased ;-).

    I'd consider Miles further afield, perhaps making a weekend away of it.
  • I would be on for Derby.
  • Derby is a distinct possibility, both date wise and within a reasonable distance from home
  • Cambridge was already a definite for me. Derby is a definite possibility. London would be a good site for another mile too.
  • Distance for both is good but couldn't make Derby because of a date clash. Cambridge should be ok.
  • Derby for me
  • Thoughts of other venues: Oxford (not just because I live near) but it could be worth enquiring if the Iffly Rd running track could be used, where Sir Roger Bannister first broke the four minute mile.
    Also, Bristol, Birmingham, Southampton, Cardiff could be doable for me.
  • I'd try my best to be be at both.
  • Another vote for London :-)
  • I'm up for Derby - it's the day after a weeks' holiday in Dublin, so that's my holiday training sorted too :-)
  • I'm with The Scribbler-Newcastle (upon Tyne) or could make Leeds at a stretch :-)
  • I'll get the track booked in Cambridge for 2 December as soon as my man on the inside gets back from his hols.

    I could be persuaded to do a spot of travel for other Miles. An Iffley Road Bannister Mile would be spine-tingling. A McMile would be brilliant. Is it too late to combine a Mile with a trip to the Festival in Edinburgh?
  • If anyone is interested in the Jingle Mile in Cambridge, we have a thread here: Link (roll over me to see where I go)

    And a group here: Link (roll over me to see where I go)
  • Manchester or Leeds is great. As Purps says, Huddersfield is between the two and on direct rail links with them (plus Bradford, Wakefield, Sheffield etc) :-)
  • Ooh, I could probably make Derby as a pre-birthday treat... I'd (obviously) also suggest that Manchester is a lovely central place for a mile, with a mighty fine track or two...
  • Stirling would work for a Scottish mile, that Fetch mile I did was the only track mile I ever ran.
  • Cambridge & Derby are out for me Anything north of York/Leeds would be good!
  • If you fancied Lincoln or Hull, I'd happily lend a hand.
  • Oxford on the Bannister track would be great. Looks as if it is available for hire out of university term time. As well as seeing how fast we can do a mile, it would be interesting to see how far we could run in 4 minutes!
  • I really must try and get to the next Cambridge one - no excuse really ....... *hangs head in shame*
  • Derby Mile: Link (roll over me to see where I go)
  • Leeds/Bradford area please!
  • Looking forward to Cambridge as just down the road
  • Manchester please
  • Can't do Derby, Cambridge in calendar with full intent. Lemme know if you want to work on a date for Reading (Palmer Park stadium) and I'll find the right people to badger :-)
  • Another vote for Manchester please :-)
  • How about somewhere further south and west?
  • I'm up for Cambridge! Oxford would be a great bookend to it!
  • South coast please. Bournemouth would be perfect ;-)
  • Scotland
  • Will manage Cambridge. Derby should be fine. Scotland would be very do-able as I work there quite a bit - usually Aberdeen but can travel!
  • Cambridge for me.
  • Dorset/Hampshire area please.
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Silvershadow 08:44
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Ness 08:37
plodding hippo 08:31
LovelyLeese 08:23
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Velociraptor 08:09
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Nightjar 06:35
No83912 (the artist formerly known as Emoji) 06:34
Mark B 06:33
fetcheveryone 06:31
HOD 06:24
Fenland Flier 06:20
Nellers 06:16
RichHL 06:14
rjb 06:07
PB Buzz 05:35
Jigs 05:26
wshippin 05:17
Adam H 05:14
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Doc Moye 2:42WR

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