Fetch GPS App

I'm pleased to announce that the new Fetcheveryone GPS app is available in the App Store. It allows you to track your runs, rides and walks, and upload directly to Fetcheveryone with a single click. An Android version will follow in July.

What does it do?

The first release aims to deliver the basics well. It has a start and a stop button; some on-screen info about how far and how fast you've gone... and not much else.

Why so simple?

I have lots of fancy ideas for version 2, and welcome your suggestions, but we can't get there without version 1. So we're starting simple. We've waited a long time to see an app for Fetchies, but I aim to build on the basics, and turn our app into something capable of rivalling the best.

I've got an idea...

Awesome. Here's where you can play a part. Feedback from you is the power that built Fetcheveryone, and your contribution can make this app the best in the world. Leave a comment below, and let me know what would make this app a world-beater.

Can I help?

Leave a comment below if something isn't quite working right, or send me some feedback. It would also be great if you could leave a positive review on the App Store - good ratings will help enormously!

Keep me informed!

If you'd like to hear about planned updates to the app, including news on the Android version, please click the following button:

This adds you to a group that I will use to contact you via fmail.

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  • the thing id like would be a one step to add a photo to my gallery
  • I'd like to see the app linking to the training log for all runs / rides etc, not just the ones created with the phone app (this may be what you're intending anyway).
    And, Android obvs. iPhone's are for those with more money than sense ;-) (or people who get given them by work, as I used to have to suffer).
    I like the gallery upload idea too.
  • If the app linked to your Conquercise, then it could say in a robot voice over your ear-listening-device, 'You are now entering St.Ives' or 'You have conquered Birmingham'. You'd probably want to make that turn-off-able.
    I expect there are some Fetchpoint-related ideas too, although I don't play that as it's silly.
  • The main thing I would want to use a Fetch app for is to quickly bring up my race portfolio when I want to check on an old PB during a bragging conversation with a pal. Ideally with the data cached offline in case in some remote location.
  • On the point of PBs, but unrelated to the app (sorry), in the race portfolio I would like to see a one click button to take you to the data that you recorded on that day.
  • I'd like to be able to see where I was on the fetchpoint and conquersize maps.
  • What's an iPhone?
  • +1 to the easy-clicky photo hingmy:-)
  • Can't see me using this to log runs as always have a Garmin on, but being able to see when about to cross into a new ( to me ) Conquersize zone would occasionally be useful
  • Apple watch app everything out there sucks, i am going to have to buy a new garming
  • Eh?
  • I wouldn't see much point in a Fetch app if all it does is record your runs. We all have GPS watches and other apps that do that. However, Fetch-specific features would make it interesting.
  • Nick - there are plenty of people who would find that basic option useful, and as I've suggested, this is v1 of many. Keep the suggestions coming.
  • I also use Garmin etc for running, but this would be great for logging my longer walks it would be great to see Conquersize zones that would encourage even longer walks/runs
  • Android please! I usually use Garmin and upload but it is not always possible (broken antstick; haven't got laptop with me on travels, etc.) so I'd welcome a cellphone app. so I don't have to wait days to upload runs.

    I like the conquersize idea too, but it might make me run less - i.e. I'd stop once I got to my target zone, not keep running for a bit more to make sure I'd nailed it. However, I guess that goes beyond the 'basic' start-up idea.

    I know you want to keep the website free and I admire that but perhaps you could get some revenue to cover costs from the app: have a simple version free but develop a paid app with more fetch-addict options. Gotta be better than trying to use a desktop site on a phone!
  • Would the data sync into strava? I don't use strava (obvs) but at the moment my data automatically syncs with it for the organisers of a 1000 mile challenge I'm doing. Suspect the real question is would it sync with Connect as I think that is the central point for garmin syncs? Hope you understand what I am rattling on about as I'm not sure I do.
  • Would be useful if one could easily log 'other' activities e.g. weights/crossfit, as logging it on the spot / in real time would be really useful.
  • Looking forward to this, I use Strava when I forget my Garmin and it is dead easy to use so please just copy the good bits of Strava but without the wankery please :-) And with extra fetch magic, I would love to play the games on my phone somehow...
  • I don't suppose you'll be adding a Windows version for those of us stuck with cheap and app-poor phones? it would be great to be able to log ling walks without going via Garmin &/or Strava.....
  • Eh FE , Catching up on thread, strava, and runkeeper make a poor attempt at a phoneless app version for applewatch 2? with built in gps so a decent apple watch version would be great
  • Intervals where it tells you current pace and you can put in alarms based on metres / miles and rest periods i.e. 400m followed by 2 min rest ... free Strava will only do alerts 500m, 1000m and 1 Mile
    Ps can you respond to atrain247 please he's got the suunto upload working he thinks
  • seems to drain the battery on my iphone after 30 mins use, but it may be a battery issue more than an app issue?
  • How drained? I ran for over an hour on Tuesday, and dropped by about 20% - that's with an iPhone 5S that's about 2 years old.
  • Just being able to see and add training to the training log please. I actually don't need the gps tracker as I use Strava, but I keep my main training log with comments etc on Fetch.
  • Did Android ever see the light of day?
  • Just bumping for news on Android development. I'm suspecting not on the basis that the new training log took over, and possibly (though I don't know this) that the iPhone app didn't get much use? Anyway, an update would be nice!
  • Here's what I'd like: a friendly Fetch app which records my runs and autouploads them to Fetch (oh and err tells strava about it too - too many of my friends are on it) or an easy way to upload from strava to Fetch online....without using other software, which I've not managed to work out.
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