The Big Free Fetch Mile

To celebrate our first six months as an independent website, I'd like to invite you to The Big Free Fetch Mile at 1pm on Saturday July 1st at Bedford International Athletics Stadium. The idea is simple. Let's get together, run a few mile races, eat a bit of cake, and then go to the pub. It's completely free to attend, and all Fetchies are welcome.

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  • Can I bring some people who are not Fetchies yet? It might be fun for some of our Run For Your Lifers who haven't ever been on a track.
  • Get them to sign up, so I can keep an eye on numbers and predicted times.
  • Sadly I can't make it (on hols in Greece) but I'll gladly spread the word
  • ohhhhhh
  • Anyone want a lift along my route, Spalding, Peterborough and the A1 via Bedford parkrun to the Big Fetch Mile fmail me. Leaving Spalding around 7 to 7:30. :-)
  • Can we come along just to support for those that are injured etc?? if so do we still need to add it to our Race portfolio to be included in your numbers???
  • If you're planning to come, then yes, put it in your portfolio for now. I'll be chasing competitors up for predicted times etc, so I can see who's left theirs blank.
  • can i just pop along later on (prob wont be able to make it for 1pm).....and can i bring the (hearing) dog?
  • You can turn up when you like, although I don't know what the stadium policy is. I would hope it's fine.
  • Wish you all the best of luck (and FUN!) - I will be working, but have made a note to consume some solidarity cake in your honour! I will also try to get a run in before or after my salt mine moment...
  • Sorry, would like to join but am going on holiday that day.
  • Is it totallly free? What about the usual stadium entry fees?
  • I'm not affiliated with the stadium at all. I don't know whether they charge entrance to the complex - but I've got no plans to charge anyone.
  • can't be there but will eat some cake
  • Fab, can't really justify driving to Bedford, however, we'll run and eat cake - might even go to a pub too!! Great Idea...
  • Didn't get up early enough to bake cakes this morning. Sorry. Want to come along to see you all though.
  • Looking forward to seeing you all later today :-)
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The Big Free Fetch Mile

1-4pm, July 1st, 2017
Bedford International Athletics Stadium
Barkers Lane
Bedford MK41 9SB

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