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Checkpoint Pair Leaderboard

Checkpoint 2722
< 0.62mi >
Checkpoint 7066
Here are the fastest times for this pair of checkpoints. Your score is related to the number of players who have completed this connection. If you're the fastest out of 100 players, you get 100 points. If you're the fastest out of 10 players, you get 10 points. Connections work both ways too - so if you run from A to B and then back to A, you get points for both legs.
Pos Runners Time Direction Points
1 daveeggleton 7:04 to 4
2 chunkywizard 7:45 to 3
3 Anonymous 9:47 to 2
4 Anonymous 10:09 to 2
5 Mrs Hamish 11:36 to 1
6 Mrs Hamish 23:55 to 1
Pos Bikers Time Direction Points
1 Anonymous 2:49 to 1
2 Anonymous 4:10 to 1
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