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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

up loading training from garmin...gone to rats?!? SOS


Struggling to upload data from my garmin 305.....

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So, I had to update my Norton last week and since then, I am experiencing issues with uploading data from my garmin 305. I have reinstalled the communicator plugins and drivers a number of times but still get the not detected message. However, the garmin seems to be communicating and uploading data to my other desktop training centre - just not working on fetchies... anyone got any Tech advice????
Note I have tried all suggested ways on the site, when having issues?
So frustrating... HELP me PLease...
A possible solution: your Norton update might have been coincidental. Have you logged out of other GPS data websites, for instance this other desktop training centre you mention? I find GarminConnect won't load while I'm logged into FetchEveryone, as if only one will work at a time.

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