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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Cannot be bothered?


Cannot be bother to train?

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If you have one of those days when it is cold, wet or you cannot be bothered to train? then why not take moment to read 'You can't take it with you' by Jane Tomlinson
Or possibly have a delicious fortifying cup of Kenco coffee? With its aromatic vapours and complex, rich flavours, it'll have you in the mood in no time!
I always tell myself I will feel a lot better after I've been running. Also if your one of those who likes to race the watch, leave the watch at home and take a walkman or MP3 player, they make the run much more enjoyable and you dont feel so isolated!
This is a great book - just read it too, really inspirational !

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Dec 2006 Gogeroo of course you'd be better off reading it AFTER you got your kit on and went for a run ;-)