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Weekly weigh-in stats for the FFFers

This article is owned by Slinkyseal

Week Ending 15 December 2009:

***please read Evil Pixie's great story about goals at the bottom of the list! :-) ***

AllyF - 05/01/10 -1 this week, now 11stone 12 lb (and 2 little ozzzs)
Bimblebelle -
chicken licken - Link (roll over me to see where I go) RESTART for new Year. 03-01-10
Corona -
Cuddy - 7/1/10 -1.4kg this week [-1.4kg]
DitzyPlodder - + 9lbs (05/01/2010) [total loss of 4st 2.5lbs since Oct 08)
Evil Pixie -
fitterStu - +1lb (03/01/10) [-16 lbs since 15/3/09]
Geordiegirl - +3lb (04/01/10) [-6lb since Oct 09]
Jambomo -
Jamieayres -
Kev Scone -
Laura27 -
LazyLady - 11/01/10 11 stones and 8.5 llbs [-1.5lbs from 03/01/10 woo hoo}
Lizzie W -
Northernslowcoach - +0.5lb [-0.5] 14/01/10
Not Built For speed - 11 stone 5 pounds after christmas explosion
PamB -
pink lady kat -
Pestomum -
sallykate -
Sassi -
Scottthesnail - 13st 3 pounds be back next week (17/03/10)
Spally -
Spanabell -
The Pink Podrunner
Tiggia -
Treacle - +.05 at 11 stone 0.5. But body fat went down by 2% this week. 12/01/10
Tripletdad -6lbs since 1/1 - aim to get to 12 st by Edinburgh Marathon
Link (roll over me to see where I go)
[x]= total weight loss so we can remind ourselves when the going gets tough

***** FFFer Hall of Fame 2010 *****

Evil Pixie's Motivational Story

OK you are stood in a wonderful garden at the back of a lovely house. At the end of the garden is a field! You're a runner and this field looks so inviting you just want to go for a run round it and have fun!
So off you go for this run and you're really enjoying yourself. You have a massive smile on your face, the sky is blue, the weather perfect and it's just FAB!.
Stop for a minute and take an "airial viewpoint". There in the top corner is the house. A short distance off in the field is you. You are stood in a clearing in the field where the grass is low. You sit down. Ahead is 2 paths out of this clearing. To the left the path is wide and clear and even and perfect to run down! To the right is a rugged, rough, weedy, nettle and thistle lined path.
Which is easiest to take? Left or Right?
The left is obviously! It's been used many times and is safe and clear and can be used without thought!
At the end of each path is an end point.
To the left you are sat eating, hating yourself for eating, muttering about losing weight, eating and generally grumpy.
To the right through the weeds you can see something moving but can't see what it is. Somewhere down the end of that path is your goal. The slim fit happy you. The runner who you dream about. The fast fit runner looking good and running freely and smiling happily.
Go back to the house ... go inside and up to the back bedroom. Look out of the window. Down to the right you can now CLEARLY see that fast fit runner! It's you! You're running fast up and down up and down. You look like the runner you want to be! Pride "fills your chest" and you smile. It's a good thing to see.
You look to the left and there you are. Nothing has changed. Everything is the same. You've chosen your normal path the wide easy path. You're contentedly eating whilst wishing you were slim.
From up here the path to the right doesn't look so bad. You can see a way through the weeds. You can see that the path has been used once or twice. The more you look at that path and see the runner beyond the clearer those trails through the weeds become.
As you continue looking some of those weeds fade and die.
You glance left and see the cakes and the Link (roll over me to see where I go) path to the left, and you know what? That path doesn't look so easy now! That path is starting to fad and the path to the right is becoming clearer. In fact if you look hard you can see the runner not just a bobbing head!
Keep focusing on that runner! If you start to lose focus go back to the bedroom window and look out and watch.
The more you use that right hand path the more neglected the left path comes and soon that right hand path to the runner you want to be will be the easiest route to chose!!

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