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What to tell yourself when you have trouble getting that first foot out the door

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1. If I go for this run, I will feel great afterwards. I will not regret having gone, but if I don't go I will most likely regret having done nothing (and especially any time wasted dithering about it!).
2. This run will make me that little bit fitter and make my next run better than it would be otherwise.
3. I know I will be enjoying this run after the first mile or two.
4. I'm allowed to cut it short if I truly don't feel up to it once I'm out there.
5. If the weather is too hot/cold/windy/rainy and I can only run a shorter distance, it's still worthwhile for the mental training dealing with adverse conditions.
6. With a radio/MP3 player, I can multitask by listening to music or a story or factual programme I really want to hear, and take my mind far away.
7. If I don't go, I'll get worried about my laziness and, wanting to shy away from the effects of this, am even less likely to go tomorrow if I don't go today.
8. If I don't go, I'll slip down the Fetch training league, and therefore be passed over for promotion at work and be pilloried and shunned by friends and family.
9. There's an ice-cream Marsbar in the freezer. 2 miles should just about cover it.
10. I have the rule that once the trainers go on they dont come off until i have ran.
11. I'll just go for 10 minutes jog and see how i feel, of course then you feel fine and have a decent run.
12. Every 20 mins is enough to cover a pint of Stella ! Enough for anyone to get out the door.
13. If I don't go, what will I do - I'll probably watch the rubbish on the TV, eat a fattening snack and feel really guilty afterwards.
14. This specific training run will mean I can knock 30 seconds off my next race time
15. Be accountable! Either plan to run with someone or let someone you know you are going running tomorrow or when ever.
16. This could be the first day of my new life as a non-runner. Oh.
17. I can lose some weight and pull that girl in town on friday night

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