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Fetch Pregnancy Club

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10:07pm, 1 Sep 2015
13641 posts
Congrats Wine(less!) Legs & Binks. And congrats to Anonnymouse too :-)
12:51pm, 2 Sep 2015
610 posts
Congrats Winelegs and Binks! And to A Mouse, love the temp name ;-)
12:53pm, 2 Sep 2015
22324 posts
Such happy news! :-)
8:19pm, 2 Sep 2015
8416 posts
Congratulations Wine Legs and Binks! And welcome A. Mouse!
9:21pm, 3 Sep 2015
1418 posts
Congratulations wine legs and binks, great news for 12 weeks scan :-) and also to lambkin :-)
10:10pm, 3 Sep 2015
3226 posts
Congrats Winelegs and Binks :-) you're not who I initially thought you might be but I did have you on my ?? list after the person I thought it might be posted an update about doing some stuff they wouldn't have done if preg :-) fab news xx
10:22pm, 3 Sep 2015
4098 posts
I love all the guessing on here lol. Don't know many of you personally but delighted for you just the same :-)
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About This Thread

In the club? No not a running club, in THE club - discuss it here - cravings, mood swings, antenatal things, bowel movements... Raspberry!
Congratulations to Battlecat who welcomed her little girl on 19th August, 3.68kg :-)

Lambkin - EDD 23 Oct 2015 Baby W in a pram!
neems - EDD 29 Oct 2015 Baby W in a pram!
Oysterboy - EDD 31 Jan 2016 Baby W in a pram!
Wine Legs - EDD TBC Baby W in a pram!
Anonny Mouse - EDD TBC Baby W in a pram!


Waiting for the magic to happen:
GentleCat Baby W in a pram! BigChiefRunningBore Baby W in a pram!

Just being broody and not doing anything about it:
Max71 Baby W in a pram! Princess Purple Baby W in a pram!