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10:39am, 20 May 2016
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K started to get SPD really early on. It was a feature of her whole pregnancy. There's no way she'd have been able to do any stretches.
2:51pm, 20 May 2016
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Sorry to hear that you're so sore, Ultra Cas (and that your wife was, DeeGee).
I didn't mean to belittle SPD, sorry if it sounded like that - just thought I'd throw in my experience in case it wasn't SPD. I got off lightly though! Fingers crossed for the pain to stay manageable for you.
10:13am, 28 May 2016
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I have a quick prom question. Many apologies, I know this will have been asked before, but: the joggers for running are only from 5 months age- what did you do up until tha? Do you have a normal and a running pushchair? Which baby jogger do you recommend?
My parents are keen on gifting a nice pram set, but I'm kind of keen on a jogging friendly one so wondering if I should just buy that one second hand and keep in the car or so?
Thanks! (26 weeks pregnant now btw)
10:14am, 28 May 2016
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Pram question I mean!
10:22am, 28 May 2016
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I had two (one second hand buggy, one on loan running buggy). Running buggies tend to be bulkier.
3:58pm, 28 May 2016
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We got a BOB Revolution plus the bassinet fitting. Would definitely recommend if you have a big enough car, although it's not cheap!
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