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22 Sep
7:31am, 22 Sep 2016
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Elsie Too
Any excuse to dig this photo out. Me (with very tiny baby in my tummy!) and Katie B with celebrity runner, and Eddie Izzard...

22 Sep
8:36am, 22 Sep 2016
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Thanks, it's good to hear what others have done.

I should probably mention when I say I do long runs, I'm an ultra runner. It's that I wasn't sure was a good idea, but it seems to be the consensus then it's ok until I know I'm pg. It won't affect getting pregnant?
22 Sep
9:23am, 22 Sep 2016
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TTC - I'm trying not to put my life on hold in relation to exercise. It would be very easy to just go 'no not doing anything now just in case' but getting pregnant is such a chance thing it may or may not happen and then I would have just become a coach potato for nothing :-)
22 Sep
9:24am, 22 Sep 2016
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or even a couch potato.....

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