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Fetch Pregnancy Club

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9:08pm, 25 Jan 2015
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Aw another wee fetch baby. Congratulations.

I agree with others, when your body sorts itself out you'll know when you're ovulating. Best of luck!

Crikey I am still doing 3 hourly feeds and wondering if he's getting enough milk and he's nearly 11 months. Little monkey. He's been so unwell recently (caught bugs at nursery) and pretty much stopped eating. So instead of weaning him off boob I have ended up exclusively BF'ing again.

Hang in there with the shields and general faffing, I had a hard time at the start and needed shields and all many ups and downs but we've been doing pretty well for quite a long time and he's been off shields for ages too. :-)
10:13pm, 25 Jan 2015
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Thanks for all the well wishes, I thought you'd all like to see Sam :-)
10:51pm, 25 Jan 2015
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aww, lovely pic, hello Sam :-)
10:51pm, 25 Jan 2015
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very broody but not going to be in that header again :-)
11:34pm, 25 Jan 2015
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what a cutie
11:40pm, 25 Jan 2015
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Brilliant news, stuart! :-)
11:38am, 26 Jan 2015
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Congratulations Stuart :-)

I might have some header news for you all soon. I've got my first midwife appointment on Wednesday and scan 2 weeks today. If I'm right on dates (and I'm not really sure, not organised to keep track of the things I should have been keeping track of) then sometime in the second half of August.

I'm not counting my chickens though, I've had virtually no symptoms, no sickness, not tired, still training at normal levels. Over the weekend I've started to get really itchy and I don't fit my normal bras any more but other than that, nothing!

Cutting out alcohol, tea and coke has meant I've been getting dehydrated so I'm having to make a real effort to drink water. I didn't realise how much I wasn't drinking apart from those forms of liquid!
12:08pm, 26 Jan 2015
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Congrats Stuart and Secret Me :-)

I went and saw my new 6 day-old, niece at the weekend. After losing a little of her birth weight she's now a teeny, tiny 4lbs 13oz. She's healthy though, just small and very, very cute.
8:14pm, 26 Jan 2015
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Congrats all round :-) welcome secret me :-)
Aww that's a dot of a baby oysterboy! Today I held a 2 wk old who was just over 6lb and she felt like a feather. She had major open heart surgery at 6 days old but is doing really well - although her mum & dad looked at Maeve and asked if that was a normal size for a 6 mth old, lol. Today Maeve was in 12-18 mth dungarees...

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Congratulations to Special K. Baby boy arrived 4 weeks early on 24 Jan weighing 6lb 4.5oz.

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