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2 Feb
9:51am, 2 Feb 2017
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Bay Leaf/CE :-) How exciting!

Congratuations :-)
5 Feb
7:50am, 5 Feb 2017
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Lizzie W
CE! Awwwwwwwwww!
6 Feb
9:29am, 6 Feb 2017
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Thank you all!

Any idea who may be able to add me to the header? :-)
6 Feb
12:09pm, 6 Feb 2017
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I think Katie? And Mikuro?
6 Feb
12:20pm, 6 Feb 2017
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Nice one Eva, a mini Tpod :-O
9 Feb
1:45pm, 9 Feb 2017
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Starting to grow a bit now! I have not gone massively public anywhere really apart from here. Even at work, a select few know and I prefer it like that. I have a deal with one guy who has said as soon as he starts hearing whisperings about me getting larger he will tell me and that is when I will then say something. I do work in Software though with 90% men so I think it may be a while until they notice!
14 Feb
11:24am, 14 Feb 2017
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I was nearly 20 weeks when I told the coach at swimming. He had no idea, he saw me in a swimming cossie twice a week! Men have no clue!
14 Feb
7:55pm, 14 Feb 2017
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Lol BC! I was at a working function when I was 7.5 months gone and most blokes didn't realise 😂
14 Feb
7:56pm, 14 Feb 2017
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Working...meant work!

On the other hand, our HR manager got asked when she's due by one bloke but she's not pregnant! 😵

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