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14 Jan
2:22pm, 14 Jan 2017
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Congratulations Bay Leaf :-)

I've had some fertility checks done privately. Was told today that my AMH (egg reserve) is at a level of a 35 year old. That's good news but doesn't necessarily mean that they are quality eggs. All other tests have come back fine so no 'intervention' necessary although that still means we only have about a 5% chance based on my age. Still not impossible though so keeping that in my mind as a positive.

We will keep trying though and see what happens.
18 Jan
2:30pm, 18 Jan 2017
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Cat the Dog
A bit of a late announcement, but baby Corran arrived mid November two weeks late. He will be nine weeks old tomorrow; where has the time gone? He is our first baby and every day is a learning experience!
18 Jan
7:34pm, 18 Jan 2017
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Congratulations to you all on birth of Corran.

Another dash to hospital for us today as grandson's heartbeat was too slow. Had to take bag etc as they were talking of keeping daughter in and doing c section. Thankfully once we got there his heart rate was fine.

Booked in for induction next Thursday and will be 35 weeks which is fabulous. Will be so pleased when the stress of the last 11 weeks is over and little man is safely in his mummy's arms
20 Jan
6:53pm, 20 Jan 2017
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And that grandkid will be trouble.

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