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11:35pm, 23 Oct 2014
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how's your young man finding school Elsie?
how are all the mummies, bumps and babies?
6:24am, 24 Oct 2014
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Good thanks V. Had our first parents evening last night and she said he is settling in well and becoming more independant, relying on adults support less and mixing with the children better. So far the only adaption he needs is that he writes with a black felt tip when the other kids use pencils but everything else he is coping with just the same as all the others, so far, so good.
How about your little one?
2:23pm, 24 Oct 2014
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oh that's great Elsie :-) Yeah Alfie is enjoying school and has already moved from shy to will not stop talking phase :-) he also likes doing homework...that is a first!!!
5:36pm, 24 Oct 2014
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Fantastic V. What homework is he getting? B has key words to learn: the, in, was, I and a.
9:18pm, 24 Oct 2014
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writing a letter a day, letters/sounds flashcards, "reading" books. the school he is in is really pushing for words as well, but I refuse to do them until I know he knows all his letters :-)
9:21pm, 24 Oct 2014
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Yeah, I found it strange that we are doing words when he doesn't know many letters yet.
9:31pm, 24 Oct 2014
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We are currently working on not rolling round on the carpet during literacy hour.
Suppose you've gotta start somewhere.
9:34pm, 24 Oct 2014
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Hello, We're good ta. Still going with the BF'ing although he's on solids now so it's less and less. I'm in hospital next Weds overnight so a bit apprehensive about leaving him and will need to pump and dump. They've said as long as he's well he can come in to visit. My wee boy is in P1 (think that's like your reception?), what a hoot. We have sound cards and books with no words.
9:41pm, 24 Oct 2014
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Lol LF, indeed :-)
we have books with words but it seems a little silly. I am not a pushy parent and seeing from my no1 doing very little until he wanted to do it worked wonders :-) :-) he is now exceeding expectations in year 2 despite not even being able to write his name at the start of reception. In reception I just want a happy sociable child who is enjoying games and learning fun. Having said that no2 is much more conscientious and willing to keep trying than no1 ever was... so I am pleasantly surprised :-)
10:42pm, 24 Oct 2014
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My no1 has just finished his first half term in reception. Homework consists of writing individual letters and reading simple words. They bring books home each day but they aren't books he could read, we use them for bedtime stories, which is great because it means we don't have to go through the thomas books again! He knows all his letters but struggles to hold a pencil.

He is completely exhausted poor kid. Otherwise doing really well :-)

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