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10:29am, 1 May 2015
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Thanks Clare. Can sometimes be made to feel like I'm being selfish wanting to still exercise, and yet I know it's a good thing!
10:31am, 1 May 2015
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Not selfish at all. You are still a person and an individual both before and after you have a baby. I am a firm believer in happy mummy = happy baby xxx
10:51am, 1 May 2015
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I pulled the band all the way up. It didn't feel that supportive but I'm going to grow into them still! It was more comfort as they weren't digging in on the bump and I didn't have to worry about my t-shirt riding up.

The 'should you be exercising' comments are strange. I get a 50/50 split of 'good for you' and'you shouldn't be doing it'. And it's a mix of backgrounds who say it - it's not necessarily the fit people who are supportive and vice versa. I'm very surprised my mum hasn't told me to stop running & cycling as she's not really that keen on me doing a lot of sport anyway (bad for my knees apparently).

I'm taking the whole thing (and not just the exercise bit) on instinct. People seem to love give you advice when you're pregnant, and apparently this doesn't stop when you've had the kid so I listen and take on board what I want to and ignore the rest :-)

Plus I feel soooooo much better after I've run/swum/biked/danced. I sit at a desk all day and by the end of the day everything feels all squashed and cramped up, getting out and moving everything makes me feel less achey, more mobile and I have a much clearer head afterwards so I don't think it can be a bad thing at all
2:16pm, 1 May 2015
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All of my docs and midwives said to keep running but be sensible. I stopped at 35 weeks. You know what's right for you and the baby. People have too much to say.
8:34pm, 1 May 2015
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First baby, I stopped at 40 weeks - that was cycling rather than running. Second baby - I hadn't got round to starting exercise again. If you know your own body and listen to it, I think you'll be ok.
8:36pm, 1 May 2015
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Cheeky request - some of you know I'm a breastfeeding counsellor. And I know not everybody chooses to breastfeed however we know that mums love the support that they get at local Baby Cafes. I am trying to win a grant to set up a local cafe to provide mums with valuable support. I'd love your support if you could please vote for our project. You do need to login but it's quick and easy. You have 10 votes and you can use all one project or spread across several. Clearly I'd love you to use all 10 votes on our project. THANK YOU. Link (roll over me to see where I go)
8:21am, 2 May 2015
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How did this happen, my baby turns 3 today!! I should probably stop lurking in here!!
9:40am, 2 May 2015
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Mine are 6.5 and 3.5 and youngest goes to school in Sept :-O. I still lurk....! X

Enjoy the birthday celebrations x
12:55pm, 3 May 2015
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My kids are now 20 mths, nearly 5 and nearly flies!!! Yes I ran all the way through...slowly but it helped me have time to myself, feel healthy and with my last pregnancy eased off the morning sickness that I had for 22 weeks. People chat a lot of rubbish. No-one will do crazy fast running or racing up to their due date or beyond, your body will slow you down and tell you how it feels x
12:56pm, 3 May 2015
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nearly 7, I did not have the first two 12 months apart...couldn't cope!!!

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