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2:59am, 2 Sep 2014
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Ow, ow, ow. I think baby O has tongue tie. Ok so perhaps that's not meant to be the first thing that jumps to mind, but his sister did. He has had a small amount of the latching problem she did - much less because I know how to breast feed. He has the same retracted chin. I've been hearing the "clicking" when he feeds. And as of yesterday, my nipples are cracked & sore ESP on the left.

MOMD thinks I just want my baby to have an operation and is generally taking the piss then causing me of being grumpy.

I will speak to the community midwives tomorrow, but I don't expect they will know how to diagnose post tongue tie.
8:54am, 2 Sep 2014
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Urgh. Good luck Insomniac. Do you have a baby cafe or drop in centre with a lactation consultant? Not that they are always very on the ball. I sympathise with the knackered nipples :(

I'd hoped Maeve wouldn't have TT but of course with it being hereditary it had to be a possibility. Problem is here that once we got it snipped the latch still hasn't improved and I've got a very very windy baby Who is feeding all the time (with nipple shields) because she can't feed very efficiently.
10:41am, 2 Sep 2014
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Ooh, yes, sore nipples. I'm applying lansinoh so much I reckon she's probably getting a significant number of calories from it! I *think* latch is ok as once she's latched on it isn't painful beyond the initial 20s let down bit, I'm just a sensitive flower. Maybe TMI but before she was born I couldn't tolerate the jet of the shower on them cos they were all tender! In other news, I seem to have managed to look after her for nearly a whole week without any major disasters and we now have a name: Sophie Arwen.
11:19am, 2 Sep 2014
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Beautiful name. I wanted Arwen as Maeve's middle name but had to settle for a family name.

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