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6:44pm, 19 Nov 2014
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Photo's KP!
10:15am, 21 Nov 2014
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I never really said congratulations to Special*K. Soooooo CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I'm back from the states and the flights went fine. Nothing happened on them other than the flight back to london I got a little bit of swollen ankles becuase I didn't have enough fluids and get up enough. I was enjoying the movies too much. BA has such a good selection of movies.

Now onto my next more serious question:

I have put in my maternity leave start date as January 5th (school finishes for the term on the 19th of December for the two week break). Based on recent stresses in my life (and even one more while I was in the states...wooo) I am seriously thinking of changing my start date from the 8th of December as that is one month before I am due so I can have time to myself and time to organise the nursery and time to attempt to de-stress before the baby arrives.

I think I am beyond the legal requirement of telling them I wish to change my maternity date, so where do I go to get signed off? Doctors GP? I've got plenty of reasons a doctor would sign me off.

And how quickly should I be doing it? Or should I leave it until the end of next week and then go to GP to get signed off starting the 8th?
10:56am, 21 Nov 2014
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Make sure the doc signs you off for somethingn non maternity related so they can't start your mat leave. Sore back/stress? Xx
8:01am, 22 Nov 2014
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Thanks oceanspirit! I'm a teacher too. Planning to start maternity at the start of Feb as want as much time after as possible. It is stressful in itself though - teaching, teaching whilst preg without outside stresses! Sorry, I don't know what the answer is about being signed off by the docs. Can you go have a chat next week to discuss options or would they just sign you off straight away?

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