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14 Oct
8:48am, 14 Oct 2016
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Wine Legs
We had three years of trying without any natural success at all. We were incredibly fortunate that our first round of IVF was successful & we now have 8 month old twins.

We have friends who no longer talk to us because they'd been trying for a similar length of time, had miscarried several times and she miscarried again while I stayed pregnant. She couldn't cope at all. It makes me very sad :-(

All the best for those trying. It's so hard when others have success when you're so desperately trying.
14 Oct
9:29am, 14 Oct 2016
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Hi Bayleaf, Don't apologise. For every couple that have found it easy, I know another that have found it hard. My BiL has just had his third, but they were trying for ages to have their third child and have been through all sorts of issues. We were quite lucky by comparison. It is, of course, a very emotional subject, maybe the most of all, so I think it would be amazing if people didn't feel anything when they are struggling and others around them (seem to be) getting pregnant with little worry.
14 Oct
10:09am, 14 Oct 2016
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It's only been a short while of trying for me and I know what I am like now so I can imagine what it must feel like if you have been trying for a year.

You don't mention how old you are but if it has been 12 months with no success I would advise going to see your GP (both of you) so they can do tests and see if there is any assistance needed. It may just be a case of not getting the BD timing right each month but it's probably worth getting checked out for any fertility issues.

Hope it all works out for you.
17 Oct
2:02pm, 17 Oct 2016
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I have had to watch from the side lines for the last 12 years as a family member went through the whole trying stage, ivf, one ectopic. There was nothing I could do but be there for them and even that was not enough as all around them people/friends were having babies.

In August this year they finally had twin girls, at 38 weeks and all was fine. Happy is an understatement.

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