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10:35am, 12 Feb 2016
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Jess slept fine till she was a todler, then refused slep for the next 2 years! they are all different, damn them.
10:54am, 12 Feb 2016
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mrs Lammo did hyponobirthing and i think it helped, difficult to say how much though, keeps your mind in right place
11:44am, 12 Feb 2016
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Hypno - yes, I think it helped, it got me through the first 24 hours of labour! I had pain relief after that but she was back to back and that's meant to be painful apparently.

I still meet up with the girls from my hypno course and we were chatting about whether it was worth it on Wednesday. We all had different labour experiences (and were all first time mums) One woman thought it didn't help that much but the rest of us - one water birth, one emergency c-section, a forceps (me) and one plain ordinary birth all thought it helped to varying degrees. The main one we all agreed on was that it kept us very calm through labour and think we probably stayed at home longer because it was very effective in early stages.

One lady who'd done NCT and Hypno said she found the hypno sessions better. It prepared you in a much better way for labour than the NCT birthing sessions did (I didn't go to the NCT ones so can't comment)
11:53am, 12 Feb 2016
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Sylvie seems to be an OK sleeper. Her first couple of weeks though she seemed to be awake and crying from sundown until sunrise. I was quite glad she was an August baby as I only had to make it until about 5am :-) She soon worked out that night time was for sleeping though, she sleeps about 11pm until about 8am now (with 2 wake ups for feeding still though)

She was quite clingy as well in the first few months too. We have a sling which I've used a bit but I generally carried her everywhere and learnt to do everything one handed. My advice on that is to enjoy it! They don't stay sleepy little newborns for long :-)

She's 6 months next week and gets more independent by the day. She doesn't always nap on me anymore but I love it when she does.
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