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4:17pm, 30 Jun 2015
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Thanks Tiggia. I'm just bracing myself for the journey home and train without air conditioning... *sobs* Just trying to give myself a bit more time to walk about so I don't have to rush anywhere.

I had quite a nice lunch break though, sat in a deckchair in the shade and there was a nice breeze, it was very pleasant :-)

Hendo might get banished to the spare room tonight so I can spread out on the bed, lol.

Good news all round BC. Is your preference a home birth then?
5:17pm, 30 Jun 2015
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Yeah, I think I'd rather avoid hospital if I can. The only doubt in my mind is that as it's my first I have no idea what I'm going to think/feel but as I'm only a stones throw from the hospital anyway I thought I'd plan for home and than transfer if I panic.

I haven't spoken to anyone who has had a baby recently (i.e. within the last 10 years) who doesn't recommend staying at home for it unless there's a medical reason not to and I'd much rather be in my own home than in a hospital.

We shall see in a couple of months :-) :-O
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