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5:47pm, 4 Oct 2014
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I have a big bag of maternity clothes. All sorts, sizes 10-14.... Any interest for the cost of postage? X
9:31pm, 6 Oct 2014
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KP that swimming nappy might be a bit small by the time the next session of waterbabies starts, Fergus is certainly putting on a healthy amount of weight ;-)
9:32pm, 6 Oct 2014
5132 posts
I'm sure we'll be growing out of the medium by then ;-)
9:32pm, 6 Oct 2014
5133 posts
Good for Fergus Awwwwwwwwww!
10:24pm, 19 Oct 2014
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A multitasking tip for busy BF mums - Lansinoh works well as lip balm!!!
1:07pm, 20 Oct 2014
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Good tip MrsV! It's been quiet in here - how is everyone?

We've finally got to ditch the nipple shields - Maeve is 12 weeks now and whilst her latch is still unbelieveably poor (I cannot feed her unless she is positioned completely right and so long as she nor me moves which makes feeding in public bloody impossible) she is gaining weight rather well and is already 15lb 2. She's still a sicky baby, improved for me not having dairy, but luckily we have had no more choking on her own sick episodes.

The list of preggy peeps is pretty short - any lurkers to go on there?!
5:32pm, 20 Oct 2014
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I have some top tips of dairy free food if you want Tiggia, all bad things though, like biscuits and chocolates so I won't tell if you don't want me too!! I had someone tell me off the other day because they were loosing weight due to going dairy free and I came along with a list of biscuits she could still eat!

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