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7 Jul
1:46pm, 7 Jul 2016
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Congrats UltraCas!
Do speak to someone about the GA and caesarean when you get chance, I think it helps come to terms with it all. Hope the tongue tie gets sorted ASAP and you can get on with the very wonderful and short lived business of being a Mum to a teeny weeny newborn :-) Sending lots of love XXXXX
7 Jul
2:16pm, 7 Jul 2016
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UC, I had two emergency (one life threatening) GA c-sections, and one planned spinal tap c-section (where I was awake and saw her born). The first time you remember meeting your son is the only important first time that you met your son. Hold on to that. Grasping after what you'll never recover will only waste energy x
7 Jul
9:02pm, 7 Jul 2016
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I agree with Pesto. I had 3 c sections. One emergency ga and two planned spinal tap ones. One of which failed and I ended up with another ga. Nightjar was the first to cuddle them and although I would have liked to have been first I like to think that his memories of that are my gift to him.
7 Jul
11:46pm, 7 Jul 2016
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Thank you for putting it into perspective for me. I asked my husband to tell me the chain of events from his perspective and that has filled enough of the blanks for me.

I'm really not sure how some of you have done this multiple times but I have to keep reminding myself this is only day two. That said, I'm not sure I'm young enough to do this again! Emrys will never be an only child as he already has a half brother and sister.
9 Jul
4:24am, 9 Jul 2016
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Congratulations, NBFS and UC! Brilliant to have two new Fetch babies. :-)

UC, hard when things don't go to plan, but so good to know that your little one is fine. Emrys is such a beautiful name. My c-section was planned (found out a couple of days before) and I had a spinal, so in all aspects easier than yours, but I was really impressed at how quick recovery was. On the next morning, I could hardly move any part of my body apart from the arms - and less than two weeks later, I was pushing the pram. Now, six weeks later, I'm almost ready to ceilidh - you'll get there!

Oceanspirit, thank you for your reassurance re colic. He seemed way better today, but then the evening/first part of the night was horrible. Wish I could help him... I've told him that you've said he'll be fine though (I know he won't get the words yet, but it helps me, too :-)).,
13 Jul
4:38pm, 13 Jul 2016
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Congratulations on the recent arrivals :-)

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