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12:28pm, 18 Jul 2014
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LOL kp!! Think that's how my hubbie get's around at such speed!
1:15pm, 18 Jul 2014
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And the. I dropped and smashed my iphone. Again. 😳
7:43pm, 18 Jul 2014
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Hello all, been attempting to survive the last few days.

I had a blood test this past Monday as part of Downs H/L risk testing. It left a bruise and left my arm sore. I've never had a bruised and sore arm from a blood test...ever. Spoke to the lady about my iron levels. She looked at my previous test and said they were perfectly fine. I just massively exhausted myself beyond what I should be doing.

I got to use the "I'm pregnant so I'm not doing that" card at work yesterday. I was supposed to be with the Year 10's for two hours...out in the sun with no shade. I went out for a while..then went back in after 50 minutes (after sitting under a tree I found for 30 minutes.)

And now I'm on some new medication for stuff and it's made me more nauseous than I felt than past three months. I may not take it until Wednesday as then I'm done with work for the next 6 weeks and then I can take it and let my body get used to it and be nauseous while I don't have to do anything.

My prediction for Tiggia: July 22nd, 4:15pm (because all schools should be done by then and the roads will be clearer.) :-)
9:19pm, 18 Jul 2014
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Can I add my prediction for Tiggia......21st July, 3.16pm ;-)
10:37pm, 18 Jul 2014
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oh dear KP!!!! OS - it is very hot to be outside for that long with no shade at the moment. Preg or not. Hope you feel better soon
10:12pm, 22 Jul 2014
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Is it me, or has everyone suddenly stopped posting for a few days?

Thanks for the nursery comments, it's not resolved yet, but when I threatened to reduce Mara to 2 days / week as we can't afford so much she's now looking into the options. It's a great nursery but the manager has no business skills, which is really in our favour.

I hope that no news from Tiggia for a few days means there's been some action.

I went to talk to the consultant midwife who thought there should be no problem at all me having a trial of labour, despite being breech with a previous Caesarian. I also went to a hypnobirthing class which I was surprisingly impressed by and the midwife there was also very supportive of me going ahead with a normal delivery. I am going for "moxibustion" tomorrow, just in case that works. Then a scan to confirm the breech on Monday and speak to the obstetric consultant on Tuesday.
10:23pm, 22 Jul 2014
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good luck for tomorrow Insomniac!
Hope Tiggia and Tazsedai are doing well?
10:26pm, 22 Jul 2014
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I'm fine. Just very hot and overdue :-/

Insomniac - sounds like your consultant MW and hypnobirthing MW are great :-)
11:12pm, 22 Jul 2014
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I'm the same as Tiggia except not quite overdue until Monday! Just had a clary sage bath and can't smell anything because of a blocked nose to hayfever!

Hypnobirthing sounds really positive Insomniac :-)

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