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5:00am, 13 Sep 2014
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Tiggia, after my Caesarian I was back running after 3 weeks, but VERY slowly and it took me 2 weeks before I could go further than 1 mile. But I don't think I had any adverse effects, and by June, ie at 5 months I did a 10 mile race, although it was much tougher than I expected and I think I suffered with anaemia so I stopped running to build up my iron levels and didnt get back into it because of going back to work. This time I plan to take it more slowly because Ive made my point. But I do feel that my perineal muscles having been stretched are less up for holding my insides in for a run - hopefully I'll feel better by 6weeks.

Congratulations doogs, welcome to our "club".
8:00am, 13 Sep 2014
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You were running 3 wks after a c sec? Wow :-O

I shall chat with the pt and see if we can start with a run walk mile. Last time after the c sec my first run back was parkrun and I forgot how long 3 miles can feel ;-)

8:10am, 13 Sep 2014
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Ta, both. :-) OH still knackered but feeling better after a ten hour sleep. Bump kicking a lot all of a sudden.

Tiggs - I'll run-walk parkrun with you one week if you want company?
8:25am, 13 Sep 2014
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Ten hour sleep.... Jealous!!!!
If the movements are out of ordinary give the MW a shout.
Thank you for the offer, that's very kind of you. BTW completely off topic but did you know that Olive (usually marshalling on the penultimate corner ) sadly died last weekend. :(
10:16am, 13 Sep 2014
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OH is still knackered, even after that. She's a very light sleeper and that does not combine well with two bouncy toddlers when it comes to napss. ;-) Movements are all fine - it's a nice, wriggly baby (it wouldn't stop moving during the scan!).

No worries - it'll be nice to see you back there once you've got the time/energy! I saw about Olive during the week, ta - I just came back from barcode scanning there now and everyone went to Olive's Corner once they finished to cheer on the later finishers, as she would have done. It's a real shock - I didn't know she was unwell but apparently (judging by the FB comments), it wasn't a complete surprise to family, etc.

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