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16 Mar
4:00pm, 16 Mar 2017
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hello! Welcome to the thread! I'm due on 29th July....
16 Mar
4:12pm, 16 Mar 2017
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Congratulations, Eva. Not quite sure why I checked this thread as I won't be having any more, but noticed that HB's arrival was born on my son's birthday, and CE's EDD is Mrs D's birthday.
29 Mar
12:25pm, 29 Mar 2017
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Hello! Stepping back into here...baby Hendo 2 due at the end of September! I can see I'm already on the header which is funny as I hadn't even announced on here! News travels fast! :-)

Hope all bumps and mums are well!
30 Mar
9:27am, 30 Mar 2017
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Congratulations to everyone expecting :-)

We are still trying here but are now starting to consider the possibility of adopting as an option as well.
18 Apr
11:11am, 18 Apr 2017
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Good morning, how is everyone getting on?

25 + 3 here, still being sick daily but still managing to run a couple of times a week comfortably which makes me happy. Starting to think about what we need to buy but we have builders in so not actually bringing anything home yet.
I have stated my leave date for work but it makes me feel really sad as I really do love my job! I know I will be back, but at the moment it still makes me feel very anxious!
18 Apr
1:12pm, 18 Apr 2017
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early bird
Grandchild number 3 due on 27th July little girl.
19 Apr
1:51pm, 19 Apr 2017
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Lizzie W
CE, I probably have a pram for you, maybe some other bits. A cot if I can find the damn screws...
20 Apr
8:21am, 20 Apr 2017
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Ooh sounds good, thank you Lizzie! We are sorted for a pram but no idea what else we really need yet!
23 Apr
10:54am, 23 Apr 2017
First-time poster!!
Hello everyone! 15 weeks today, due 15th October :-) only just starting to get over the sickness and determined to keep on running but midwives have concerns due to previous spinal fracture. Seeing maternity physio on Wednesday so hopefully she's encouraging about it!

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