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19 Aug
6:01pm, 19 Aug 2016
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Cliffs that's fabulous news! Congrats 😃😃😃😃❤️❤️❤️
19 Aug
6:01pm, 19 Aug 2016
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19 Aug
7:57pm, 19 Aug 2016
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Great news Cloggy :-)

Sylvie is 1 today. How did that happen?!
20 Aug
6:31pm, 20 Aug 2016
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Congrats Cloggy, fab news.

With regard to ovulation kits, I used an app called fertility friend, which has an ebook with it to explain the signs of ovulation. All you need is the app, a thermometer and to monitor your cervical mucus. It turned out that I wasn'r ovulating until day 23 of my cycle so if I'd gone with the usual advice which assumes you ovulate on day 14 I'd never have got pregnant. It's honestly very easy to track your own cycle and I would imagine much cheaper than ovulation kits. I only spent about £7 on the thermometer from boots.
20 Aug
8:33pm, 20 Aug 2016
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I was day 9-11, similar issues! Def worth knowing x
20 Aug
8:37pm, 20 Aug 2016
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Thank you Ladies. I'll look into the app and thermometer too

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