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Who are all the single Fetchies!!

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5:34pm, 23 Nov 2014
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Have you heard him speak yet? 😃
He did a brilliant programme about rebuilding a Spitfire.
5:52pm, 23 Nov 2014
18862 posts
Yeah RS have you found video. We didn't see the spitfire programme but have seen a few of the Speed ones.
6:30pm, 23 Nov 2014
3055 posts
Series 1 of The Fall is only on iplayer for a few more days.
6:37pm, 23 Nov 2014
17483 posts
He looks like Hugh Jackman.
7:06pm, 23 Nov 2014
18863 posts
Who looks like Hugh?? Guy Martin?? Hmmm!!

I realised today that Jamie Dornan is going to be the guy from 50 shades in the film. I thought this would cause a dilemma as I have no desire to see the film but.....Jamie Dornan....mmmmmm!! However I watched a trailer and he is a bit too clean cut looking and not so attractive.
8:27pm, 23 Nov 2014
17488 posts
Dornan's in The Fall. Have you seen it wee Halfpint?
8:29pm, 23 Nov 2014
18864 posts
Oh yes RS. I guess a serial killer is the ultimate bad boy :-)
8:47pm, 23 Nov 2014
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I'm finding chaps with beards attractive as of late. Never really liked a beard before. However, I've never been out with a beardy bloke and I imagine it'd probably tickle or worse, have bits of things in it. :(
8:50pm, 23 Nov 2014
17491 posts
I don't know if you lot on here remember me having an interview recently for a weekend reception job locally ...

I didn't get it obv but the person that did is always tapping away on their 'phone whenever I go to the centre and doesn't look up when people come in the door to sign in for various things. That annoys me. I wouldn't've done that if I'd got the job. The description clearly states that you must make eye contact with people when they walk in, even if you're serving another customer. I expect she's bored already.
8:56pm, 23 Nov 2014
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Fab weekend, especially today. Feet up with film night, best Sunday for ages including running into the sunset time. So far have watched Shirley Valentine and had a great reminisce, now on Walter Mitty for the umpteenth time. Actually looking forward to next week and training plan.

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