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Who are all the single Fetchies!!

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3:47pm, 7 Nov 2015
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6:22pm, 7 Nov 2015
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We're keeping the gender a surprise so are having to pick a girl and boy name.
Lots of brain storming but not decided yet!
6:47pm, 7 Nov 2015
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OB I had a few girls names and a couple of boys. QP wasn't on the list (neither was his actual name :-)) He looked like a little old man so he got a little old man name. It took me 3 days to decide.
11:50am, 8 Nov 2015
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Morning all!!
Good to hear every bodies news!
Sounds a great holiday SCP!
Got my Mum moved into her new home this week, just 10 miles away. Have spent most of this week moving boxes and assembling furniture!
Happy to have her closer where I can pop in without it being a major trek.
9:13pm, 9 Nov 2015
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Looking aesome OB :-) And nice to keep the gender a surprise. May I suggest mini-pinky if it is a boy, and mini-OB if it is a girl? ;-)

Hello Phook, I was thinking about you today! The storm has blown over and shattered my chicken accomodation, so I was repairing it and re-siting it tucked under the hedherow with stones on top and pegs over the bottom.

The girls are in bed and so far so good, but the consternation was great this lunchtime. Bianca was in a huge panic, as she desperately needed to lay and egg and she had nowhere to lay it!

How are your chooks, and how are you? :-)
5:08pm, 23 Nov 2015
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So how is everyone, keeping warm I hope.

Back from hols, just getting used to the cold, and the change in time zone.

Was a fantastic 3 weeks, did so much and met loads of great people.

No holiday romances, though I may have fans in Brazil and Denmark now :-)
5:34pm, 23 Nov 2015
11728 posts
Sounds like you had a great time, Pete. The chill must be a bit of a shock to the system though.
5:59pm, 23 Nov 2015
5216 posts
Well I'm coping OK HF. Though managed to lose my hat and gloves on Saturday night.

The change in time zone is tricky though. I've gained 7 hours coming home, but it means I get tired early in the evening, then wake up early in the morning. Getting better though :-)
8:13pm, 23 Nov 2015
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I get tired in the early evening and wake up around 4:20. I do travel through a bit of the Republic of Ireland on the way to and from work - perhaps there's some sneaky time zone thing going on there that they don't want to tell the Brits about.
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