Who are all the single Fetchies!!

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10:55pm, 14 Sep 2014
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What a f**ker about the gorse. Typical! I've MTBd on the Black Isle on a route drawn up by my uncle.

10:57pm, 14 Sep 2014
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No HF, was kind of lucky dip with the ladies, though I did get the two best looking ones. Though failed, as I didn't get to be in the middle.... We all took turns, so I did the singing too. Which I kind of enjoyed.

It was part of the sound healing session.I have to say the healer was rather fit.......;-)
11:06pm, 14 Sep 2014
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Just going back to the boring expensive houses thing. I also remembered that the pathways were often overgrown with weeds and grass which could've easily been sorted in 5-10 mins. I know a family who live there - 2 adults who work with 2 kids and I was shocked at the state of their house from the outside. When I was a kid with working parents, they still managed to mow the lawn and pull weeds out of the cracks in the drive (not to mention repair fences and put up walls, do the garden, building maintenance on the house, etc etc). Not all the houses are like that, but the ones which are nicely kept really stand out! I'm puzzled, because other areas of Bristol with expensive houses are on the whole nicely kept. Maybe it's a local disease. It's a bit depressing. There's so much you could do with some of the properties which would cost nothing. Many are falling into disrepair.
11:15pm, 14 Sep 2014
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Have some been turned into flats or shared housing inside so that nobody is really bothered or willing to take responsibility to sort the garden out?
11:18pm, 14 Sep 2014
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Or they are rented out?

Nicolag, was strange really, didn't think it was a blokey type of weekend, but I was surprised I was the only man.
12:31am, 15 Sep 2014
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Maybe you should offer gardening duties as well RS?

Pesterers vs Lazybones

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