Who are all the single Fetchies!!

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16 Jun
7:27pm, 16 Jun 2016
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Pou Pou LePhoõk
Balls. As in golf balls. To go with his putter.

Or 50yo whisky?
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16 Jun
8:23pm, 16 Jun 2016
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Red Squirrel
Heh, heh - I'm a fan of whisky, not sure if he is tho'.

Chocolate golf balls perhaps, a nice port - good ideas. Ta v much.

I'm at a wine tasting on 27th which is after his birthday so I might give him a card with a promise in and wait until then. It's a bit event organised by Naked Wines. I'm an Angel.
21 Jun
2:53pm, 21 Jun 2016
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Hey RS, "Chap" "Promise in", something going on here....;-)

Just back from an entertaining few days in Iceland. A Rock Festival and getting out and seeing a bit of the awesome scenery.

Had an very pleasant evening hanging out with a couple of Icelandic girls at the Thursday night of the festival.

I want to go back :-) !
21 Jun
3:50pm, 21 Jun 2016
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Red Squirrel
Iceland - ooh I'd love to go.

Golfing chap is married to a good friend of mine. :-)
29 Jun
6:51pm, 29 Jun 2016
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I have so little money, I only do home grown or home made presents. In anticipation of which I shall be making more fruit vodka's this year. I made an elderberry one and it was fab, so for the price of a bottle of Aldi wodka (a tenner) and some work, as in make the stuff, make a nice personalised label, you will have ace presents.
Baskets of fruit/veg/eggs is usually what people get from me, or special jams etc
29 Jun
7:00pm, 29 Jun 2016
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When I was doing the MSc and completely skint I did homemade. Chutneys, baking, crafty things.

My sister liked her 40th birthday collection :-)

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