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Who are all the single Fetchies!!

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6:28pm, 5 Jul 2015
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Had a fab morning ride with a good friend, stopped for a coffee and ended up having an impromptu wine tasting. Happy days. 🍷😀
12:14pm, 6 Jul 2015
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Great when things happen like that HB.

Shaun is in the city - do we need a thread outing? Come in OB and Phook ...
1:19pm, 6 Jul 2015
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Ooh RS it all sounds lovely and couply 😊

I am psyching myself up for packing. Stayed at a friends caravan last night and drank too much so feeling a bit worse for wear. QP was in his element with his old pal from back home :-)
1:32pm, 6 Jul 2015
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I have fed the veggies nettle soup, I have picked red currants and the first raspberries... it is stormy here, with bouts of rain, so working in between wetness. Good for the garden though...

My currant bushes are being eaten by caterpillars, what to do???
4:47pm, 6 Jul 2015
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Think I'm getting the same rain Hann, as I've just arrived at St Davids and its pouring.
The plan was to camp, but I've wimped out and got a room in a B&B.

Had a lovely weekend canoeing. and walking in the Wye Valley :-)
4:58pm, 6 Jul 2015
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I am trying not to worry about the weather forecast for the next few days. I've packed lots of waterproofs and if all else fails we can stick the wetsuits on and play in the sea :-)
5:13pm, 6 Jul 2015
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I nearly forgot my waterproof when I packed on Friday. It was too hot and sunny to imagine rain
10:03pm, 6 Jul 2015
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You were incredibly close to me then SCP, we should have worked that out and met for a coffee or something!
10:05pm, 6 Jul 2015
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I managed to get a decent amount of gardening done in between short showers. I even did a lot more scything. The grass is easier to cut when it is damp, as the wetness lubricates the scythe and it glides better :-) As I am not making hay, merely m,anaging the wildflower meadow I am creating, it didn't matter that it rained on and off :-)
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