Who are all the single Fetchies!!

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10:51pm, 17 May 2016
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My BF lives walking distance from York city centre. I can really see the attraction, there's plenty of shops/pubs/restaurants nearby, the train station is walkable and you don't need to drive or get taxis. I can see how it would be especially appealing to singletons or people without children. I love our nights out in York. (At my house we tend to stay in)
1:12pm, 18 May 2016
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I do really love the country Pete and it's great that I live by some fantastic woods at the moment. However, while I live and work in the city, it's a pain not being near a local train line and the majority of my friends; who live centrally. It's a bit posh where I am too, even though my ex-council flat was cheap to buy. I'd like to have more choice on hand of cheaper (and nicer in most cases) places to shop and eat. It would also be lovely to be able to walk, cycle or jump on a train to see friends during the week without it being a massive mission. I'd really miss my local friends but they are all married and think it's a good idea that I move somewhere more vibrant. They've already looked into easy car shortcuts to East Bristol to collect me and they all have spare rooms so I could stay over when back visiting. I love my friends.
1:17pm, 18 May 2016
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Man has been in touch via text a few times. I'm trying to be polite and play anything he says down. He's going to drop some of my things over at some point. I don't really want to be in as I'm enjoying the space.

... Unlike my friend who's just split up with her (admittedly difficult) chap and is already texting me re: some single guys I know. Have a break missus!
6:52am, 23 May 2016
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12:29pm, 23 May 2016
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12:30pm, 23 May 2016
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<3 Thanks Phook
12:30pm, 23 May 2016
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