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Who are all the single Fetchies!!

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3:10pm, 20 Jul 2015
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Just read OB's blog, I think my hayfever has suddenly got really bad, must grab an extra loratadine ;-)
8:41pm, 20 Jul 2015
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Oh well after 2.5 years of "trying again" at the marriage, I am now back to the life of singledom :-)

Congratulations on your news OB :-)
9:28pm, 20 Jul 2015
5989 posts
Congratulations OB, how does the world turn in 2 years :-)

*waves at kimbles*
12:43pm, 21 Jul 2015
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Aaaaaaaargh save me from the paperwork hell. Heeeeeeeelp meeeeeee!!

Welcome back Kimbles btw.

Saaaaave meeee!!!
1:31pm, 21 Jul 2015
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I need saving too! It rained this morning so in an unusual bout of feeling virtuous, I have started tackling a backlog free lance admin from April 2014 onwards :-O I have managed to gather all my income in one spreadsheet now for 2014/15, and have started on the expenses... Just having some food, then I am out into the garden for an hour or so, I am being driven crazy!
2:24pm, 21 Jul 2015
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It has taken me until now to go through all my new emails and to clear the back log of old emails. I have a pile about an inch and half deep of freshly printed emails to sort out and put in the relevant files. When this service are going to enter the 21st century and have electronic files I do not know.
3:37pm, 21 Jul 2015
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I'm suffering under a load of housework that needs doing, but just a bit too busy at the moment. Just got to do little jobs until the weekend when I can have more of a go at it.

Works fine though, both bosses are off, so very quiet on email front :-)
8:22pm, 21 Jul 2015
5993 posts
HP it might not make you feel any better but some years ago, a director where I worked refused to use email. So every morning, his secretary logged in, printed off all the mails, then put them in a folder on his desk. He then read them at his leisure and called her in to dictate his replies. Which she then had to print off (in draft) and put in another folder on his desk for review before sending.
8:42pm, 21 Jul 2015
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Holy crap what a palaver Duchess.

It is an utter waste of time, paper and money for me to print everything and put it in the file. And don't even get me started on the filing 'system' which means I have no idea which files are mine, which are active cases, which are for pupils long since left school. Oh and my f*cking colleague who not only left her files (which I inherited) in disarray but has added more loose bits of random paperwork AFTER I have already sorted her mess out. I bloody hate being in the office :(
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