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Who are all the single Fetchies!!

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7:07am, 18 Dec 2014
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I always thought the journalist implied there was a bigger picture and had a big story he was going to break. Had he made the connection between the coin and the mayors brother? If so , why not break the story or share the info to solve the mystery? Or did he know the dodgy cops background?
7:19am, 18 Dec 2014
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And the fox, what about the fox? The fox led Oliver to the road. I think the fox was part of the Romanian trafficking gang.
8:45am, 18 Dec 2014
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Fer fox sake!
1:57pm, 18 Dec 2014
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Yeah, I thought that fox was a bit far fetched.
2:05pm, 18 Dec 2014
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The fox bit was rather unrealistic which casts doubt on the whole story. I don't think they have left it open ended to continue this story. I think it probably reflects the reality of any such case where no body is found. As a parent you would always hold some hope whilst simultaneously being terrified that they were still alive and suffering at the hands of some evil b*stard. I think they will use Julien's character and a different abduction case.
2:13pm, 18 Dec 2014
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Link (roll over me to see where I go)
4:54pm, 18 Dec 2014
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Cute fox :-)

I am now officially on holiday. It's been a strange week with QP being off but I had a productive day of article writing. I am really hoping I can send him back to school for the last day so I can get a day to myself to bike and wrap presents.
5:11pm, 18 Dec 2014
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Standers running away and getting married plan seems like a sensible one!
Waiting to hear back from a few venues and adding stuff to the various spreadsheets that Pinky's set up. There's so much to think about!

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