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23 Apr
3:41pm, 23 Apr 2017
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Well I did run the Brighton Marathon, but not sure my time of 6.12 was good enough to win it. :-)
Though the first time I did Brighton a woman in a pub asked me it I had won simply as I was wearing my medal.
Bit of fetchie legend..:-)

23 Apr
6:49pm, 23 Apr 2017
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Pou Pou LePhoõk
6:12 minute/mile is a pretty good pace SCP.

Well done!

24 Apr
10:34am, 24 Apr 2017
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Thanks Phook, did mean 6hrs 12 for the whole race.
Bit off pace these days, but we are getting back there.
The Blackbirds are still nesting in my porch. Mrs Blackbird spends most of the day on the nest, so guess little one are on there way :-)
Welcome Chiefy, yes am spending a lot time at football, but only 2 games left. Top of league and going up :-)
24 Apr
10:54am, 24 Apr 2017
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Maz Heeps
SCP, my team have gone from Rock Bottom of the lowest professional league in Scotland, to sitting in a play off position for promotion, all since Xmas....

new manager and a whole new lease of life.

You'd think loving football would make me more attractive to men, but somehow it doesn't work like that!
24 Apr
5:28pm, 24 Apr 2017
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Which team is that Maz?

Oh I sometimes think being a football fan puts women off me. Though when I'm at the games, I do see plenty of women, with partners, or with friends.

Have the men you have met been football fans? I know some male friends aren't so keen on the game, and that's not just the rugby fans...;-)
24 Apr
8:53pm, 24 Apr 2017
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Catherine the Plodder
I support Sunderland - current coffee man doesn't do football!
24 Apr
9:42pm, 24 Apr 2017
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Maz Heeps
Montrose Fc SCP....

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