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Kingston Breakfast Run

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6:24pm, 29 Jan 2013
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Checked inbox to find Kingston Breakfast Run email. Thought might be good to run it again as prep for Brighton Marathon. Then noted it is £29.50!! for 16 miles race
From memory the roads aren't closed the majority of run is along Thames Tow Path but £30. Think I will save the money + do a long training run instead.
2:11pm, 30 Jan 2013
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Yes, that's a little steep.
2:52pm, 30 Jan 2013
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I agree. And it has a big sponsor. I'm out.
2:59pm, 30 Jan 2013
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The chance to pay 30 quid to run along public towpaths with other dog walkers and members of the public coming the other way. What's not to like?
8:39am, 1 Feb 2013
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Remember when I did it a few years ago , there was a cycle ride London to Richmond on at the same time it was like the Tour de France down that towpath.
2:19pm, 1 Feb 2013
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I really like the Breakfast run but yep £30 is really steep. In any case I think it is a little close to Brighton - certainly if you were panning on running it anywhere around MP. Though it has the 2 lap advantage to progress pace...
6:04pm, 18 Mar 2013
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I have a number for this if anyone wants it, ought to be a fella really as the numbers are colour coded. Fmail me your address and I will send it to you
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Checked inbox to find Kingston Breakfast Run email. Thought might be good to run it again as prep fo...