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Quadzilla - Class of 2013

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1:40pm, 13 Feb 2013
28468 posts
I'm used to chicks vomitting in my presence ;-)
7:16pm, 13 Feb 2013
29635 posts
:-O ;-) :-O
7:21am, 15 Feb 2013
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Season ticket holders & 3 times finishers have snapped up half of the 50 places for next years 4 in 4 - Monday night entries go live for everyone else @ 9.30pm.
2:32pm, 16 Feb 2013
28480 posts
We hope to get your green numbers out in the post by the end of this week :-)
4:07pm, 16 Feb 2013
424 posts
In between me packing up my house to move lol!!! :-)
5:45pm, 16 Feb 2013
28485 posts
when I said "we" I meant the lovely K-Web :-)
5:51pm, 16 Feb 2013
425 posts
Ah people know we come as a running package these days lol :-)
8:10pm, 16 Feb 2013
13668 posts
Sweet! I'm going to try and nab 67 for my next club 5k so I can parade around in my green number!!!!
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List of people attempting the Quadzilla's in 2013:

Joe Hawk
Plodding Hippo
liverpool lass
Jogging Jon
Streatham Stroller