1000 miles in 2013

The thread to hang out on in 2013 if you have a 1000 miles in mind.

Join the group, set the target in your training, share your trials, tribulations and success!

Remember to set your target to 1000 miles on your training log (right hand side). To see The List click on "see more information" under your target, then "people with the same target as you" above the graph.
Or follow this link: Link (roll over me to see where I go)

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12:16pm, 30 Dec 2013
1231 posts
Well that was my last run this morning for 2013. A total of 1,866 for the year so pleased with that! There is a group and a thread set up for "1.000 Miles in 2014" that you can join now and then set your target for 1,000 on the 1st!
Well done everyone on a great year of running!
Silent Night Neilio
Silent Night Neilio
3:22pm, 30 Dec 2013
486 posts
Greta running marty, impressive total. I'll finish on 1505 with the last 5 on New Year's eve, beating 2012 by 1 miler :-)
3:43pm, 30 Dec 2013
1701 posts
I was supposed to have a rest day today, but have just been for a slow 2.25mile run with my 9 & 11 year old boys! Lots of fun, although they used more energy fighting than running!

40 minutes 'steady run' tomorrow, according to my training plan, and that will be it for the year.
Kenny_Boy (2013 GoFasterStripes)
Kenny_Boy (2013 GoFasterStripes)
5:43pm, 30 Dec 2013
804 posts

The tension builds!
6:31pm, 30 Dec 2013
2647 posts
1000.7 - log says 1001 - that's me done for 2013

see you next year :-)

Good luck Kenny_Boy
9:00pm, 30 Dec 2013
1299 posts
Well done Rosehip!

I'm done for 2013 too... 1000.53 :-)
mr deck the halls
mr deck the halls
9:31pm, 30 Dec 2013
1126 posts
Did my last run yesterday partly on the Rosendale Way. Muddy, slow going, but beautiful.

I did have a map, but signs can help!

Lost the path spent a good mile and a half cutting across the moor in mud, water and vegetation to get to Helmshore where I knew there was a path I could pick up. All this took me to 1134.7!

Hope anyone who is trying to top 1,000 tomorrow does it. Happy New Year's running all.
4:41pm, 31 Dec 2013
805 posts


Thank you and good night 2013!
5:10pm, 31 Dec 2013
1705 posts
Boom indeed! Well done!
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