Disgusting people at the gym

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12:06pm, 28 Jun 2014
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12:34pm, 28 Jun 2014
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Indeed. The youth of today, eh?
12:45pm, 28 Jun 2014
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Ah, is the beanie thing a TREND? I was running in my local park this week and there was a chap there doing some sort of boxing workout with another chap (a PT?) and he was wearing a fucking beanie. It was absolutely BOILING hot outside, so I did ask him whether he wasn't very hot wearing a hat, and he sort of smiled and looked embarrassed, clearly I didn't realise that it's cool to look hot :-)
Oh, and I can bloody well punch better than he could, he needs to come to Combat :-)
1:04pm, 28 Jun 2014
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lol , Tomsmum
1:26pm, 28 Jun 2014
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Fleecy - Isn't the whole point of training being seen looking cool whilst training (despite not usually doing a very good job)? Certainly the lads at my gym talk an awful lot, and slam the weights around a lot, but most of them aren't actually doing anything.

And yeah, beanies prevail in Manchester too - usually worn so they're hanging off their heads like some oversized and badly fitted condom.
2:56pm, 25 Jul 2014
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lol....just found this thread...Tomsmum's pic is exactly what I posted on my blog today...I even observed a oldie drying his nads and back this week. :-)
7:56pm, 25 Jul 2014
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I'm with Longwayround. The people who are odd in the cartoon are the young folk.
11:09pm, 25 Jul 2014
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I think that's the point Winded.

In case anyone's wondering; it is the same in the female changing rooms.
4:23pm, 26 Jul 2014
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What? Using the dryers on their lady gardens?
5:25pm, 26 Jul 2014
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Burnt mucus membranes!

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