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Disgusting people at the gym

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9:30am, 3 Jun 2015
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I haven't actually been in the gym (or changing rooms) for yonks and yonks.
9:40am, 3 Jun 2015
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The worst recently was the arsehole on the phone who was talking to a mate.

"She's one of those ones. She was fucking fantastic that night and then I woke up in the morning and I thought 'What the fuck?' Munter. Yeah, definitely have to be pissed, mate. Do it, though, just do it pissed up."

That was pretty disgusting.
9:42am, 3 Jun 2015
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That would be disgusting anywhere, not just at the gym.
11:46am, 3 Jun 2015
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Ugh :(
4:19pm, 3 Jun 2015
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Does the young 'lady' checking her phone for Facebook updates every 5 minutes during a Balance class count as disgusting? I found it pretty unpleasant.
4:35pm, 3 Jun 2015
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Not necessarily disgusting in that sense. Disgustingly rude, yes. How do some people imagine that sort of thing is ok?
6:13pm, 3 Jun 2015
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God knows. If I'd been the instructor I'd have kicked her out.
10:37pm, 23 Sep 2015
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Not quite the gym, but I went to the toilets at work to rinse out my coffee mug (in the sinks before you ask) and there was a guy washing his hand. Yes, one handed soap/tap operation with the other hand in his pocket while he washed and dried the one hand - presumably the unwashed hand had remained in his pocket while he was using the facilities and he saw no need to wash it.
8:18am, 24 Sep 2015
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Was it Abu Hamza?
8:40am, 24 Sep 2015
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No hook as far as I could see !
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