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Disgusting people at the gym

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5:12pm, 29 Jan 2015
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I don't give a fuck if they sweat everywhere after all i'm a heavy sweater and your at the gym to work out not pounce around like some people do what pisses me off is when they don't wipe the kit down afterwards the dirty gits.
5:59pm, 29 Jan 2015
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On the "Jules problem" - if there were six or seven people amongst eighteen treadmills, I wouldn't make a point of picking a non-adjacent one. With only three on, it is a bit weird.

On the "JB problem" (p117) - I'd just be relieved she was using a file and not biting it off.
7:12pm, 29 Jan 2015
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It's strange - I get the opposite. The attractive girls will do anything to avoid running next to me.
8:32pm, 29 Jan 2015
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In the gym I go to there are mirrors in front of some of the treadmills. When running on an adjacent treadmill it is difficult to observe a neighbour but going two treadmills away gives an angle to the mirror that makes it difficult not to look at the other runner. So with the choice of next or next but one which is less invasive?
8:41pm, 29 Jan 2015
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Perhaps Jules it was one of these:

The lady took a fancy to you and was being proactive.
She wanted to be beside another runner for motivation.
She was a bit high on endorphins from her previous exercise and didn't pay attention to which dreadmill she chose.
She was being sociable.
She liked the smell of sweaty men.

I think the jumping to the side thing is the weirdest part of the situation. If I'm doing intervals, I just slow it down in between.

I love my gym. It's small and local and people talk to each other. I was exercising on a mat and a bloke came along and did planks beside me when I was doing mine. He had rather nice shoulder muscles so I wasn't complaining. Raspberry!

8:42pm, 29 Jan 2015
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(I've got back from the gym.)
8:51pm, 29 Jan 2015
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Have managed to avoid gyms for some years now thankfully. Can't afford to go to the ones I'd consider clean enough :-)
9:18pm, 29 Jan 2015
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I meant to say I'd just got back from the gym.

I don't know if any gym can be that clean necessarily; it's all about the personal habits of the people who go there, as illustrated by this thread.

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