Disgusting people at the gym

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8 Oct
9:24pm, 8 Oct 2016
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Son of a Pronator Man
Just threaten to write about them in an online running forum, that will dampen their ardour
8 Oct
10:24pm, 8 Oct 2016
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[Wobbling, they *were* scoring. That was the problem ;-) ]
19 Oct
9:43pm, 19 Oct 2016
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Longwayround [LWR]
Not so much disgusting as daft: as I was getting changed at the gym, a young chap (you could tell he was young, quite hairless all over. The thought makes my eyes water) decided to charge his phone by plugging it into the socket next to the scales and then balancing his phone on the scales. "That may not be a terribly wise place to put your phone," I say.

"Be reet," says my Lancastrian interlocutor in a tone of voice that suggests I should mind my own business, just before someone decides to weigh himself, launching the phone to the floor and causing a significant amount of screen damage.

I turned towards my locker to hide my laughter.
19 Oct
10:38pm, 19 Oct 2016
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So good to be proved right & difficult but safer to hide the laughing.
19 Oct
10:41pm, 19 Oct 2016
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LWR, sometimes there's no need for I told you so.... Even if you're itchin to say it!!

Disgusting handfuls of your long dark hair on the shower floor, and rather alarmingly deposited on the glass walls and tiles.

I know hair can come out with conditioner, but ffs at least have the good grace to run it under water and away down the drains or gullies to wash away. Don't wipe it on the fricking walls!!!

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