Disgusting people at the gym

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15 Aug
10:12pm, 15 Aug 2016
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*oh I did.
15 Aug
11:03pm, 15 Aug 2016
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Red Squirrel
I can't stand snarking. Someone was doing it on the platform last week. I made sure I didn't get into the carriage he was aiming for.
16 Aug
9:33am, 16 Aug 2016
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Snarking?? (not sure I really want to ask)
16 Aug
5:58pm, 16 Aug 2016
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Nor me
16 Aug
6:02pm, 16 Aug 2016
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JK *chameleon*
I think it's the noise made by the gentleman referred to at the bottom of the last page with the snotty nose...
16 Aug
6:34pm, 16 Aug 2016
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Eynsham Red
It's onomatopoeic....
16 Aug
7:14pm, 16 Aug 2016
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Red Squirrel
26 Aug
9:44am, 26 Aug 2016
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Little Nemo - this kitten can
Whoever was in the shower before me must have either dropped that glass bottle or seen it as it's obviously been there at least 1 or 2 days. Why not log a call and get the cleaners to sort it out? It's bloody dangerous!

Also dead cockroach - ewwwwwwwwww :-(

Won't be using this shower again for a while!

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