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Disgusting people at the gym

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12:15am, 23 Jan 2016
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That I could do. Communal showers are still a step too far!
1:16am, 23 Jan 2016
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I've lost count of the number of times I've stripped off in the car park at the end of a race or club run. It doesn't bother me, and if it bothers anyone else they can look away. The only times I'm more conscious about it is if it's a more public areas where there is likely to be families about, where I do tend to change inside the car.
5:24pm, 24 Jan 2016
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Some dirty git used the toilet for a shit and never flushed it and left half a roll of paper on the floor as well. Also the ones that leave skidders, they supply bog brushes but I guess it's to much to ask to clean the toilet after you use it. Also the gym has only got cubicle toilets and some shites don't lift the lid when they go for a pee or wipe the seat down when they finish or even flush.

God knows what their toilets must be like at home.
5:34pm, 24 Jan 2016
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That really bugs me too. It's completely unnecessary and avoidable.
6:23pm, 24 Jan 2016
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At least they didn't just take a shit in the shower and leave it there. Only ever seen this once thankfully.

Although a couple of times I've seen the aftermath of using urinals for the same in railway stations.
8:28am, 26 Jan 2016
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Not disgusting, but a new thing I haven't observed before.....

Rain is torrential and I was pretty wet in the work changing rooms. A chap comes in and starts drying his suit (that he has worn to work with no overcoat) with the hairdryer. I go for my shower

When I come out the shower the chap has gone but another comes in and does the same, but he makes use of the available resources and employs the double hairdryer approach !
12:20pm, 26 Jan 2016
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cant believe I have only just found this thread!

We had showers at school which I hated as the PE teacher would walk around them to check we showered properly. When we did cross country I used to run as hard as I could so that I was finished and showered before she came in to check on us. I didn't realise that the fastest then had to do extra runs and run for the school at some cross country championships.

12:29pm, 26 Jan 2016
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(and that set you on the path to all you have achieved in running! Hurrah for your weird teacher, hellen ;-).)
2:12pm, 26 Jan 2016
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Yes - hurrah! I bet you want to hug that teacher now, don't you? :-)
2:21pm, 26 Jan 2016
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A pleasant individual had puked halfway down the stairs a the gym the other evening.. This staircase is the only access to the building and therefore everyone had to walk through it to get in or out.
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