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The Jingle Mile - A Christmassy East Angular FetchEvent.

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9:34am, 25 Aug 2015
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I've added her to the invitation list on Farcebollock.
12:51pm, 25 Aug 2015
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Well, that's the best, most appropriate alternative name for it I've ever heard. *applauds*
3:55pm, 25 Aug 2015
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I don't have my diary here, will let you know when I get home whether I'll be spectating
5:43pm, 25 Aug 2015
31119 posts
I'll tell her she has to attend
5:51pm, 25 Aug 2015
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You try that approach HOD. I've got a first aid kit you can borrow.

Frobester needs to know about this...
7:56pm, 25 Aug 2015
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Frobester popped into the over 50s thread earlier, might catch him there :-)
8:22pm, 25 Aug 2015
14449 posts
Indeed, that's where I noticed him.
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About This Thread

Okay, here it is. Again. And again. And yet again. And once more. And this time with feeling.

Saturday 12 December 2015

12:00pm to 2:00pm

Cost approximately £3.

Group: Link (roll over me to see where I go)


Jingle Mile IV: A New Hope
These Are Not the 800m You Are Looking For
You'll Feel Like Death Star 400m
The Tinsel Insole 100m Insanity Dash

There will almost certainly be the now traditional Mince Pie Relay.

Cambridge University Athletics Track
Wilberforce Road

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