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The Jingle Mile - A Christmassy East Angular FetchEvent.

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11:09pm, 19 May 2015
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13th June, 11m sandy track
looks like we can make times official without being too serious or too much work, although the more info I get on entrants up front the less scribbling an potential panic on the day :-)

10:20am, 20 May 2015
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I can send a message to all the people who have joined the group. Just give me the wording you want.
10:45am, 20 May 2015
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If all the Fetchies put their predicted time into the race thingies in their race portfolio that would help I'm putting a spreadsheet together - we can add real names on the day unless people want to Fmail me those as well

If you have a tranch of non-fetchie clubmates coming could I have their names and predicted times before hand as well -- doesn't matter if we don't get them all but I think you usually try to pre-sort the groups for the races.

Next Q
How many a time do you normally have running a mile?

How many people are interested in the shorter distances

What is your favourite cake ?

do we fancy a silly relay?

is anyone up for rounders/picnic/pub afterwards?
10:11pm, 20 May 2015
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We usually have up to a dozen but that's because of the limitations of our hand timing system.

The shorter distances are usually very popular. It's rare for most of us to get a chance to set a 400m time and I don't think we've ever recorded 100m.

There is no such thing as a favourite cake. Every cake is my favourite cake.

Silly relays are always fun.

Socials are important.
6:16am, 21 May 2015
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:-) Good ;0

Apart from an attempted 60m in a mum's race at youngest's school a few years ago i haven't run anything short since I was always last at school :-) Unfortunately, I think attempting to sprint would finish my foot off, so i can't give it a go this time either

( ;-) phew! excuse in early )
11:16pm, 21 May 2015
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About This Thread

Okay, here it is. Again. And again. And yet again. And once more, this time in summer.

Saturday 13 June 2015

11:00am to 1:00pm

Cost approximately TBA.

Group: Link (roll over me to see where I go)


The Muppet on a String Mile
Stand by your Beds 800m
The Eyes on Hawks 400m
Can Grep Make It Twice In a Row? 200m
The 100 Tweeters

The Track in Sandy

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