The Jingle Mile - A Christmassy East Angular FetchEvent.

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9:16pm, 13 Jul 2014
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No Chris Makka wasn't dq'd, he's not a Fetchie so not on here. Full results can be found on runcambridge. sorry Wilderj, 1:26 it was!
9:17pm, 13 Jul 2014
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I was paid good money to Photoshop you like that, Rich ;-)
9:17pm, 13 Jul 2014
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PS - get the 13th December in your diaries for return of the Jingle Mile
9:32pm, 13 Jul 2014
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I shall try to be something approximating fit for more Jingles, Chris.:-)
9:46pm, 13 Jul 2014
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Makka's a Fetchie :-)
9:47pm, 13 Jul 2014
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10:04am, 14 Jul 2014
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You're right Jen - course he is!!!!!!!
10:05am, 14 Jul 2014
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Another update ..... Makka 4:53 ;-) (I've been a bit rubbish with Fetch results)
11:07am, 15 Jul 2014
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Is Rob Moir a fetchie ? He told me last night he ran this I think he should be one if not

Mission Control: 10k

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Okay, here it is. Again. And again.

Saturday 12 July 2014

11:30 for 12:00pm start. Finish track activities by 2:00pm.

Cost approximately £3.

Group: Link (roll over me to see where I go)


The John Landy Memorial Miracle Fetch Mile Link (roll over me to see where I go)
The Brian Hewson Commemorative 800m
Don Jowett's 400m Hurtbox
Will Grep Turn Up For It This Time? 200m
Don McFarlane's 100m Insanity

Possible relays depending on interest.

Cambridge University Athletics Track
Wilberforce Road

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