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21 Nov
4:43pm, 21 Nov 2015
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Personally I'm devastated about this, I've done all Jantastics since the beginning, and it has done wonders for my winter running motivation.
21 Nov
5:01pm, 21 Nov 2015
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Yeah Jantastic really helped me too in the cold months, I reckon we could just start a thread and do something on here, we don't need anythign fancy, just say what you're going to do and do it .. maybe we could start in December, I could do with a kick up the backside!
21 Nov
5:22pm, 21 Nov 2015
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December would suit me too
what about
Winter Fetchival
Fetchtastic resolutions
On your March, get set, Fetch!
21 Nov
5:24pm, 21 Nov 2015
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I appear to be the exact opposite to most on here; I very rarely struggle for motivation in Jan-Mar, as I'm usually marathon training, but come June-August my mileage usually drops off significantly. That said I've still enjoyed Jantastic for the past few years and am disappointed it's not happening in 2016.
22 Nov
10:19am, 22 Nov 2015
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I'm also disappointed that its not happening in 2016.
22 Nov
10:28am, 22 Nov 2015
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The 'not letting the team down' aspect was very useful in kicking me out of the house - I'll miss it! I'm usually pretty good at letting just myself down...
22 Nov
6:54pm, 22 Nov 2015
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I've sent a request to His Fetchfulness. We await his response.

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