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Marathon Talk Jantastic Team thread

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11:37am, 14 Dec 2014
5014 posts
Ok :-)
2:37pm, 14 Dec 2014
13500 posts
48, come on people, sign up for the Fetch Team :-)
7:42pm, 14 Dec 2014
9571 posts
Social interaction with some of them is actively discouraged.
9:49am, 15 Dec 2014
13523 posts
We are up to 51 :-) come on there are thousands of us, join up for three months of support, motivation and fun! yes, it's fun and it's for everybody whether you have been here for years or have just stumbled across Fetch, join up and come and say hello :-)
10:48am, 15 Dec 2014
3028 posts
I notice this thread ha 94 watchers, that seems quite a few more than 51.
11:23am, 15 Dec 2014
18417 posts
that's what I said :-)
11:23am, 15 Dec 2014
18418 posts
Unless they are all RMR spies...:-)
11:43am, 15 Dec 2014
3043 posts
What's RMR? Or have I just not been paying attention? Seems likely....
11:50am, 15 Dec 2014
4270 posts
Anyone putting swimming in their Jantastic plan may also like to see the "Swim the (Length of the) Thames in 2015" thread Link (roll over me to see where I go). There will be a spreadsheet and article along soon.
11:53am, 15 Dec 2014
277 posts
Rev, RMR is the runmummyrun team.

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