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9:34pm, 31 Mar 2014
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I had a lousy March with lurgy but still had the most fun in all my years doing Jantastic. See you all next year.:-)
8:21am, 1 Apr 2014
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It's been emotional. See you next January peeps :-)
8:53am, 1 Apr 2014
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Oooh. 'Fleece release me' wouldn't be a bad team name as it goes :-)
9:05am, 1 Apr 2014
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Haha :-) I could lend out Just-Fleecing-Well-Do-It too :-)
12:54pm, 1 Apr 2014
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I like GregP's suggestion!:-)
1:44pm, 1 Apr 2014
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"Fleece release me" just has to be the team name for 2015...

I finished off on 98.7, having logged 59/60 runs hitting all my long runs but messing up my predicted time...

over and out.. :-)
5:58pm, 1 Apr 2014
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Ace team name :-)

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