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8:39pm, 6 Jan 2016
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That was an extremely stop/start 5 miles. But more an indication of both my current level of fitness and the fact that it was a mud bath out their tonight.

Thanks bru-bru for the company and the loan of a decent head torch. Need to replace my old crap one!
1:11pm, 10 Jan 2016
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Have you seen the results Stander? We did OK, actually. MAN some of those others must have been lost! Thanks for the company.

On another subject altogether, I have embarked on a marathon training plan leading up the Halstead mara only to find that I and due to be on a plan e to Greece on that Sunday, on hols, so am now looking for a replacement fixture. Has anyone done Bungay, which seems quite close in terms of date and travel time? Or Kent roadrunner? Recommendations?
4:48pm, 10 Jan 2016
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Kent RR is excellent but has sold out as usual (as of 28 October). Don't know Bungay, but Milton Keynes is the bank holiday Monday before Halstead (2 May)?
7:19pm, 10 Jan 2016
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I like the look of the witham May Day 5m
9:57am, 12 Jan 2016
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Thanks for the suggestions Teknik. Will look into MK - hadn't thought of that one.
11:29pm, 31 Jan 2016
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Is anyone doing Wednesday's night trail?
8:58am, 1 Feb 2016
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I quite fancy it, but am away for the day, so it's just a question of whether I get back in time. Probably not, TBH
11:32am, 1 Feb 2016
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I'm going to have to speak to Dave about these night trails - they are always on nights when I have to go to a meeting (perhaps that's deliberate, maybe he wants to get home in time to watch the 10 o clock news ;-) )
So I can't do Wednesday's but I may try to do the one at Felsted on Sunday. I'm also thinking of putting on another series this summer myself. Got the first route sorted... just need to square it with the pub!
8:55pm, 2 Feb 2016
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Really can't wait for trails to begin again. Can't do the midweek ones unfortunately :(
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