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The 'new' Dr Who

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2:23pm, 22 Nov 2015
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I agree JB. It would make it a remarkable move to bump her off outside of a finale - which the show could use, as it's clear there is no risk outside of a finale or Xmas Special for regular actors.

That said, I will not be surprised to see some Deus Ex Machina that brings her back to life. Depending on the resolution, I will think it was an excellent episode if she remains dead, but a blah episode if not.
2:45pm, 22 Nov 2015
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She stepped into his time line/scar at Trenzalore and 'versions' of her were scattered though his life; sometimes seen and recognised by The Doctor and, other times, not. So even if she also died facing the raven the writting is on the wall to have her appear as/when/if required or needed ;-)
10:31am, 23 Nov 2015
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I thought that was pretty great, and I thought she was pretty great in it. Amazing what people can do with some good writing.
11:21am, 23 Nov 2015
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I suspect that Clara is dead and will remain dead - but whether that means the actress won't appear again is another issue.

In one of the previous series finales she was spread across the Doctor's timeline, which was used to explain how she could appear at three different time-points.

So if he's been staying with this version of Clara, there's no reason to suspect now she's dead she won't make the odd appearance in the future, just like River Song keeps reappearing for the odd episode. It might be setting things up for next year, when the assistant might still be the Jenna Coleman, but playing a different character is each episode.
11:24am, 23 Nov 2015
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I meant to say that it's important for the show that she stays dead - too many characters recently haven't died which has made the programme a little stale. Knowing that no-one ever dies, or that the Daleks are easily defeated, just removes any tension and makes it more like a kids programme. It's nice to see the possibility of the characters really being in trouble.

It stood out that the same mind control pills as used in Torchwood was mentioned - the beauty of Torchwood was the willingness to kill off main characters regularly.
11:42am, 23 Nov 2015
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* misogynistic statement alert * - i thought she looked fab in that tight jumper.

i hope she stays dead only because, as others have mentioned, too many people keep on being 'killed' but then coming back.

i did think it was a little odd that she died in the street and the Doc didn't even bother to try to recover her body. i know he was due to be beamed away somewhere, but he did seem a little cold!
11:43am, 23 Nov 2015
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If he knew she wasn't quite dead, but that he had to do something to 'restore' her, that might explain the coldness.
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