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The 'new' Dr Who

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12:58pm, 31 Mar 2015
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lol jono I do admit that if they portrayed it all as real life it'd be really boring but it wouldn't harm them to even up the scales a bit
1:10pm, 31 Mar 2015
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I'm not sure "getting the hump" is entirely appropriate in this context, Mulbs.... ;-)
1:31pm, 31 Mar 2015
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If there is a criticism of GoT on TV it's that it has to follow the US TV industry standard of being fine with gratuitous female nudity and prudish about showing a cock.It does push that boundary as far as it can but there are limits and it leads to inequity, which is annoying.

The sex, when it happens, is always (as far as I can remember) character driven and true to the situations they find themselves in. Not everyone is enjoying things, even if they are in a position where they have to pretend to be enjoying it. It's a violent world and death is never far away and people, men and women, tend to do what they have to do to try to survive. Some of it is quite unpleasant (deaths and rapes and mutilations and amputations and bloody battles where people actually have fear and pain and injuries and death) but it is all realistic and believable withint he context of the world that the action takes place in.

It's not for everyone but if you are watching it because of the boobs and bonking then you're missing the point, if you're watching for the gory deaths even more so.
1:45pm, 31 Mar 2015
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Nellers - you do know that whenever you post in my head I read it in a Brian Blesses voice don't you?
MarkMM good point, well made :-)
1:52pm, 31 Mar 2015
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2:10pm, 31 Mar 2015
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can't effing type today! I do apologise! ^^^ Blessed, not Blesses FFS!
4:21pm, 31 Mar 2015
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8:57pm, 31 Mar 2015
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To be honest I didn't think you meant Brian the local vicar.;-)
10:59pm, 3 Apr 2015
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Hodor showed his JT at one point in G o T. The cat was startled!
9:33am, 7 Apr 2015
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^^^ things I never thought I'd read on the Dr Who thread :-O

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