The 'new' Dr Who

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16 Apr
7:02pm, 16 Apr 2017
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"I lost my heart to a starship trooper"
16 Apr
7:50pm, 16 Apr 2017
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I was thinking more "night flight to Venus"
16 Apr
9:45pm, 16 Apr 2017
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mrs shanksi
Just caught up. I liked that episode, I thought it was scary! I liked Bill as well. I was hoping she'd ask the Doctor about the photo he appeared to be taking of her Mum.
16 Apr
9:59pm, 16 Apr 2017
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Uncharacteristically sweet of this version of the Doctor, popping back to take those, though he was already progressively mellowing.
16 Apr
10:02pm, 16 Apr 2017
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mrs shanksi
Badger thanks for explaining that for me, we didn't think of that!
18 Apr
10:44am, 18 Apr 2017
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Finally got to catch up on the new episode.

Overall, I thought it was very enjoyable, and I admit I had reservations about the new companion. Thought they combined the ‘getting to know the TARDIS’ scene cleverly in to the plot, so there was actually a good reason for them to go through time and space.

So the obvious thoughts and questions (other than then one about what was in the basement – is this going to be the overarching storyline this season?) are:
Why suddenly the reference to his granddaughter? I’ve always thought it was odd that there’s been no real mention of her. Is Bill related to Susan i.e. the Docs great, great granddaughter?
Why is she called Bill? If she is related, is this a writers’ nod to William Hartnell?
Missy and John Simm’s Master?!? I guess if the Doc can have two or more timey wimey incarnations at once then probably the master can, too.

So much to look forward to!
18 Apr
11:46am, 18 Apr 2017
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I think it's a nod to Hartnell, because Hartnell's wife was called Heather.

I doubt Susan is related to Bill (unless this meant to be set in the 23rd century, which it doesn't look like at all), but it could be that she'll show up somehow this season. The whole thing is usually quietly ignored a bit, because he basically abandoned her in a war zone just after the shooting stopped with someone she'd only just met, said he'd be back to check on her, and never did. Of course, the writers at the time had no idea it'd still be running 50 years later, they just wanted to write Susan out without killing her off.

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