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The 'new' Dr Who

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9:58pm, 6 Aug 2015
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Still haven't seen last year's Xmas special. Will that matter, do you think?
11:15pm, 6 Aug 2015
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No. It's worth seeing, though. Mild spoiler

It was clearly written to write Clara out, then changed when the actor decided to stay. Had she left, then it would have been necessary to see it.
11:30pm, 6 Aug 2015
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Yeah, I read reports about that. Housemate has been watching DW on Netflix - still can't quite take to Clara...
11:45pm, 6 Aug 2015
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I wouldn't have been that sorry if she'd left, especially as that would have been a great exit scene. Think you should watch it, to be honest - the end is moving, funny, and Capaldi has a moment of being wonderfully alien and Time Lordish.
8:20am, 7 Aug 2015
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blimey, i can't even remember the xmas special!!

i do know that i've warmed to clara though. i think it was the writers' fault initially - they gave her a poor introduction.
12:28pm, 7 Aug 2015
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Was that the dreaming crabs?
7:08pm, 8 Aug 2015
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Clara continues to be the ruination of the series. She has one expression, mild surprise, but I think it's meant to be knowing and enigmatic. The companion should be just that and not central to any story arc. This is a cheaply made science fiction story for the family, not for some smarmy writers to snigger up their sleeves at how clever and in tune with the zeitgeist they are. Look at how some decent SF series have been b******d up like this - Red Dwarf, Star Trek, Blake's Seven, Doctor Who...
8:36am, 9 Aug 2015
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even though J Jnr has Stars Wars on many formats - VHS,DVD, blue ray collection, laser disc - we are still watching them again on sky - wonderful sci fi.

glad blakes seven has a mention :-)
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