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The 'new' Dr Who

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7:30pm, 27 Oct 2014
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It was utter tripe. Housemate pointed out the rubbish scenery - the odd bit of street furniture but otherwise blah. Terrible child actors again too - especially the one that apparently was the voice of Peppa Pig. Not quite as bad as Robin of Bollocks, but hanging around a whole dire episode for three wonderful seconds of Missy was painful.

I wish they'd write something decent for Capaldi's doctor - the good episodes of this series would only have qualified as average episodes of some earlier series.
10:14am, 28 Oct 2014
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I watched it last night, liked it. Clara's improving.
12:43pm, 28 Oct 2014
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Do you think Clara might morph into Missy?
That'd be - interesting?
1:41pm, 28 Oct 2014
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I think they're holding a lot back in that trailer and "Clara Oswald never existed" might not carry as much import as it suggests. Danny is also conspicuously absent, but has felt like a bit of a non-entity for most of the series - there's got to be some payoff where he's concerned.
7:41pm, 28 Oct 2014
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Remember that Clara is in the Xmas Special - they can always hold back getting rid of the rubbish Maths-boy till then...
8:49pm, 28 Oct 2014
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Mr Pink is very dull.

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