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The 'new' Dr Who

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11:40am, 25 Jan 2016
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And that's the point, isn't it?
Enjoyable, then (to an extent) forgettable!

Keep me entertained, but don't fill up my limited brain capacity with too many tricksy ideas that I can't sleep!
12:10pm, 25 Jan 2016
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Thanks, JK - not heard that, but sounds plausible.
11:06pm, 25 Jan 2016
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I prefer the memorable episodes. Girl in the Fireplace. Blink. Midnight. Turn Left. Silence in the Library. Human Nature/The Family of Blood. Vincent and the Doctor.

They've become fewer as time goes on. Straightforward stories, entertaining, some of them a little scary. The most recent was in 2010 :/
7:44am, 26 Jan 2016
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I agree with JK. I couldn't name or describe any of the individual episodes since David Tennant left. My son revisits those and the ChrIs Eccleston ones from time to time. Matt Smith ones include the story arc about the crack and Amy's life getting more empty, that's all I recall. I quite liked the Maisie wosname stuff in the Capaldi ones. Overall it is time for a rest and a reboot. "Are you my mummy?"
9:21am, 26 Jan 2016
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When Moffat was the occasional writer, his episodes were among the most interesting in the series. When he took over as show runner, there were fewer stand out episodes. Blink is still the most best thought through, creepiest and cleverest for me (and had Carey Mulligan in it).

But, for me, that idea, and some of the better ideas work with any characters, not just within the confines of the Doctor role. I agree with JK, that the best stories are just that - good stories.

Human Nature/Family of Blood as I remember was adapted from a Doctor Who book.
10:19am, 26 Jan 2016
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I wholeheartedly agree with Scribbler.
Along with most other people, I think that "Blink" is one of the best DW episodes because of its storyline, writing, tension, interweaving threads, acting and thoughtfulness. Even though DW is scarcely present, it is no less superb.
11:42am, 26 Jan 2016
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And Sally sparrow :-)

In other news Link (roll over me to see where I go) but it is the Mirror so...
11:44am, 26 Jan 2016
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I have to say, anything with Weeping Angels is either scary or sad.... they were a good invention (from a storytelling PoV).

Ditto Cybermen, & to a lesser exten, Daleks (although they seem to be evolving into VW Beetles nowadays).

Standout for me was the battle of Canary Wharf!
1:46pm, 26 Jan 2016
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Interesting angle on Chibnall's appointment here:
Link (roll over me to see where I go)
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