The 'new' Dr Who

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18 Nov
4:15pm, 18 Nov 2016
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Episodes 2 & 3 watched now too. Good SF, dubious about the cast of teenaged heroes being far more grown up than I'd believe, I think!
19 Nov
12:17pm, 19 Nov 2016
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it is odd how little this has been advertised. i thought it was just me who'd missed the publicity but i don't know anyone who has heard of it.

still, only a few weeks now to DW xmas special. anyone seen the trailer yet? excited!!
22 Nov
12:58pm, 22 Nov 2016
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No, not seen any reference to it. New companion in this one or a standalone ?

Have been disappointed with some in the past, some have been absolute belters.

Will go away and google.

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