The 'new' Dr Who

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3 Apr
2:49pm, 3 Apr 2016
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JK *chameleon*
How many times has he died? ;-)
3 Apr
6:49pm, 3 Apr 2016
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not enough, in this series!
3 Apr
6:51pm, 3 Apr 2016
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JK *chameleon*
How disappointing. I've recently watched the many deaths of Rory, found it all rather entertaining (even though the Donna series is still the best!)
5 Apr
8:41am, 5 Apr 2016
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In fairness, Rip Hunter has been travelling through time since 1959. So it could actually be (and I appreciate in some circles this could be blasphemy) that the BBC actually nicked the idea from him in the first place.
5 Apr
8:43am, 5 Apr 2016
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The program basically dies the moment the two Prison Break guys leave the show btw - pantomime villainy at its finest.
5 Apr
1:27pm, 5 Apr 2016
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Great laugh this week when one of the Prison Break guys said "This isn't our first prison break" before they broke out of a russian jail.:-)
5 Apr
1:44pm, 5 Apr 2016
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I loved them in Flash and basically cant help but smile when they are on screen here. They are clearly having a ball. Probably can't believe their luck "you get ice and fire ray guns and get to be bad/growl a lot. And we'll pay you"
5 Apr
7:19pm, 5 Apr 2016
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I think the show's badly scripted and - for the most part - the acting is wooden. but yet i keep watching it!
29 Aug
9:43pm, 29 Aug 2016
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mrs shanksi
Did anyone else watch Victoria? Jenna Coleman and Eve Myles were both in it. I thought it was quite good but I like Rufus Sewell.
29 Aug
9:48pm, 29 Aug 2016
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OH is watching it. He likes it.

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