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The 'new' Dr Who

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5:10am, 11 Jun 2015
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but we know that Torchwood is in Cardiff
9:12am, 11 Jun 2015
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.....or Cardiff is in Torchwood........ ;-)
1:16pm, 11 Jun 2015
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oh yeah, could be.
2:42pm, 22 Jun 2015
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Anybody watching Jonathan Strange? (Lots of Doctor Who folk involved in the writing/production). I am really enjoying it - read the book years ago and loved it. Bertie Carvel for the next Doctor??
3:04pm, 22 Jun 2015
6787 posts
Yep. And me too with the bbok. I thought last night's episode was particularly Who-ish with the dastardly goings on in Venice. Or was that Cardiff?
3:06pm, 22 Jun 2015
6788 posts
Totally agree about Bertie Carvel.

Although how about going old style and casting an irascible Eddie Marslan?
3:51pm, 22 Jun 2015
2461 posts
Sorry despite it having good actors - Jonathon strange is a steaming pile of BBC horse pooh.

BUT if you guys like it - fair play.
8:42pm, 5 Jul 2015
613 posts
Miss Trunchbull for the Doctor. I like it. Make it so.
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