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Boddington 50k

Sat June 19 2010 Listed by Naomi P
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Boddington 50k
Run 50 km
Terrain: road
Included in our PB listings
No route specified
Asc 0m / Desc 0m (0ft / 0ft)
Journey: 3589.99 miles

5 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Gobi Unaffiliated 3:29:58 3:32:12 3:32:12 70.94
Loca West 4 Harriers 3:30:43 3:35:47 3:35:47 76.33
Muds Watford Joggers 3:39:05 3:43:34 3:43:34 74.64
plodding hippo 100 Marathon Club 5:38:15 5:46:51 5:46:51 51.36
Ultrahamster 100 Marathon Club, Sale Harriers Manchester 3:54:38 3:54:38 3:54:38 67.46

Comments From Runners

Solid run. Great to meet so many peeps :-)
All with a plan but it could in theory get messy.

Actually all went to plan with 14 laps of almost perfect pace. Slght drops are caused by going to the toilet. Rach actually called it dull as nothing happened.


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plodding hippo 19th Jun 10, 17:04