Diss 7.5

Sun September 27 2009 Listed by CanaryYellow
Name Diss 7.5
Distance Run 7.5 miles
Terrain road
Official PB Race Yes
Route None specified
Ascent / Descent 0m / 0m (0ft / 0ft)
Distance From You 3619.12 miles
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8 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
CanaryYellow FERC 57:10 57:10 57:40 57:10 58.25
Harry Presley Unaffiliated 59:37 59:37 59:37 55.86
Jobe Werrington Joggers 1:16:14 1:16:14 1:16:14 55.31
katyjn Stowmarket Striders RC 1:13:19 1:13:19 1:15:00 1:13:19 51.50
KoughKandi FERC 1:01:10 1:01:10 1:00:18 1:01:10 65.07
lollepop Werrington Joggers 1:05:43 1:05:43 1:03:00 1:05:43 57.78
peachy Great Yarmouth Road Runners 57:40 57:40 57:40 58.48
slow tortoise Werrington Joggers 1:35:36 1:35:36 1:30:00 1:35:36 39.95
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Comments From Runners

it was hot so stopped for water at stations so slowed down there
slow tortoise
A good social run - recovering from a cold which I believe the run had sorted it out. Loved the beginning of the race seeing all those runners snaking round the bends in the country roads (there is an advantage of being at the back of the field!)

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CanaryYellow 27th Sep 09, 21:52
Jobe 27th Sep 09, 20:21