Keswick / Buttermere 34K

Sun February 15 2009 Listed by Lisrun
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Keswick / Buttermere 34K
Run 34 km
Terrain: road
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Asc 0m / Desc 0m (0ft / 0ft)
Journey: 3776.79 miles
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7 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
darl0 Darlington Harriers & AC 2:56:09 3:13:12 3:13:12 50.92
eL Bee! Honister 92 3:28:55 3:28:55 3:28:55 49.18
kstuart Trail Running Association, FERC 3:52:59 3:52:59 4:00:00 3:52:59 41.99
Lambanator Bellahouston Road Runners 3:00:24 3:00:24 3:00:24 54.25
Oven Gloves North Shields Polytechnic AC 2:53:42 3:32:30 3:32:30 48.35
Roadrunner Bark Unaffiliated 2:28:05 2:28:05 2:28:05 66.06
Velociraptor FERC 3:28:55 3:28:55 4:00:00 3:28:55 56.09

Comments From Runners

Under 4 hours would be nice. Twas a fun day even with two huge climbs. Easily under 4 hours in the end.
Anything under 4 hours would have been fine
V'rap was running really strongly, and about 4 miles out mentioned that under 3:30 might be worth trying for!
So I did some quick calculations - and went in to Pacing Mode
eL Bee!
A Preparation/warm-up Race for my forthcomming 'Belfast-City Marathon' In May this year./UPDATE:- Wow what a Race! This has got to be one of If not the "hardest" road races that I have ever done!!! Just before the 10 Mile mark I was faced with this huge hill or mountain that was a long Incline that seemed to go on for ever and get steeper! I however battled through this and I finished In a very pleasing time and In 7th position overall.I really enjoyed doing this Race and the challenges that faced me from It! A lovely setting for a Race In nice scenary.Very happy as minus them tough hills today,I am sure now to be on target for my Marathon Time that I am aiming for at Belfast.
Roadrunner Bark far the toughest race I've ever taken part in! Well done to fellow runners Synergist and RosscoB...fantastic running guys :-)
Apparently it's not flat. But my portfolio lacks a 21.3-mile PB :-)
Excellent race! Pared-down infrastructure, uncomplicated route, friendly people and fabulous scenery. It CAN be done in 2:06, apparently, but why hurry? We set off in last place, ran at an easy pace, walked the two big uphills of just over a mile each, enjoyed the descents, and had a great race.

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