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Round Norfolk Relay - Stage 2

Sat September 20 2008
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Round Norfolk Relay - Stage 2
Run 14.06 miles
Terrain: mixed
Included in our PB listings
No route specified
Asc 0m / Desc 0m (0ft / 0ft)
Journey: 3658.45 miles

6 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
charmaine Stowmarket Striders RC 2:05:27 2:05:27 1:58:00 2:05:27 57.03
emdee 100 Marathon Club, Kendal AC, UKnetrunner 2:24:45 2:24:45 2:10:00 2:24:45 43.91
emjaybee Bedford & County AC 1:37:03 1:37:03 1:37:03 71.02
Hanneke FELL PONIES 2:04:22 2:04:22 2:04:22 60.86
run fat boy run Thetford AC 1:57:34 1:57:34 1:59:31 1:57:34 59.60
Siouxsie Dumfries RC 2:13:56 2:13:56 2:13:56 53.41

Comments From Runners

Hard off road stage made harder by me not carrying enough water and the unexpected heat at that time in the morning. Ran out of steam at around 10-11 miles and my 9m/m pace dropped to an avg 10m/m by the time I finished. Bloody good event though - I'll be back to take on stage 2 again next year.
Did 14.30 miles. Oops.
3minutes slower than last year, felt awful drank to much as it was really warm, hence stomach cramps, found the embankment at the end the hardest due to uneven footing.
WOW! Was running really well, just over 5 min/ks, until I got severe abdominal cramp at about 14 kms... had to do a Paula, thought that would solve it, but the cramps would not leave me for the rest of my stage :-( This meant 3 more Paula's as well as sevral walking breaks bent over double from the stabbing pains I felt. In between the trouble I was able to hold a near 5 min/k pace though, so well pleased with this :-)

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Siouxsie 23rd Sep 08, 00:55