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Birmingham Rowheath 5k Series (Race 3)

Thu August 9 2007 Listed by Adrian
Birmingham Rowheath 5k Series (Race 3)
Name Birmingham Rowheath 5k Series (Race 3)
Distance Run 5 km
Terrain road
Official PB Race Yes
Route None specified
Ascent / Descent 0m / 0m (0ft / 0ft)
Distance From You 3623.59 miles
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8 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
anthony a Bournville Harriers 25:32 26:33 27:00 26:33 52.58
eL Bee! Unaffiliated 18:10 18:23 18:23 74.25
Footy Bournville Harriers 18:56 18:56 18:56 68.67
R.I.C.O. Centurion RC 16:34 18:20 18:38 69.23
Raptors claws are coming to town FERC 21:44 21:44 22:30 21:44 70.73
sdsmudge Kidderminster & Stourport AC 17:31 17:31 17:31 80.29
The Husky Centurion RC 16:50 17:05 17:15 17:05 78.15
thomas h Centurion RC 17:41 17:41 17:41 81.44

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Pic: Getty / Nick Dolding
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Comments From Runners

See if I can beat my last Rowheath 5k time on 26:35 - might be tough as I've got Staffs Knot the night before!
anthony a
My first-ever 5k race! *UPDATE* That was hard, though the person who said before the race that 5k was harder than 100k was fibbing. Quite a challenging course with several long updulates. I strung together two sub-7-minute miles for the first time ever, then quietly died. The time is my Garmin time; my actual time may be closer to 21:50, with which I'd still be delighted :o) :o) :o)
Raptors claws are coming to town
Birmingham Rowheath 5K
2 hours before this race, V'rap said - we're running this 5K later
Oh - OK
So - no speedwork of any kind - no preparation - just get out there and have a blast!
And it was brilliant :-)
YES I went off too fast - YES I got to the point of saying "Turn over faster you Bu@@ers" to my legs, and they refused - NO I didn't quite catch the bloke in the black shirt who was 50m ahead of me at 700m to go - but did get to within 5m of him - YES it hurt - Yes I recovered really quickly and then had a 3K jogged warm down at < 70%WHR - YES, I had a fabulous time
YES - it was a PB
AvHR: 180 (83%)
MaxHR: 195 (92%)
HR Splits: 174(80%) | 184(86%) | 187(88%) | 192(91%) | 192(91%)
Km Splits: 3:37 | 3:51 | 3:40 | 3.59 | 3:16
***UPDATE*** Official results are out
37th/140 runners
11th/23 M40's
Official time: 18:23

eL Bee!

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