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Runner, writer and Luton Town supporter - who these days types a lot quicker than he runs! (


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Caught my first cold in over 12 months, which means thwarted again in my ambition to run all six of the 53-12 XC League races this season. Never mind, there's always next winter!

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  • @strepsiadesonce @LutonTown @LTFCROBBOx He was the landlord - and may still be - of a pub in Norfolk (Snettisham area?)
    11:39am, 24th Nov 2014
  • @LutonTown Already relegated, we cheered up at at Brentford in 2001 as Ward debuted after Ovendale sent off - & saved pen with first touch!
    10:22am, 24th Nov 2014

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