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becca7 F40

VEGAN RUNNERS UK, Wigston Phoenix
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Half marathon plodder turned ultra runner.I did at least a half marathon a month between April 2009 and January 2013 when my intended race was cancelled due to the snow. I still do them, although with a bit less OCD, and I have now done over 70 half marathons. I have coped with them while boiled (St Albans, Humber Bridge and Ufdance), drenched (Barns Green and Sussex Beacon - nice weather Sussex!), battered by the wind (Four Villages), both battered by the wind and drenched (Shakespeare), fogged up (St Neots, Seaford), and frozen (Keyworth and Polar Night). After shedding a couple of buckets of lard that I had been carrying around about my person for several years I achieved the elusive sub-2 half marathon in September 2009 and I have been chipping away at this pb ever since, achieving a sub 1:40 at Gosport in 2013. The half marathon has historically been the favoured distance but in recent years I have been focusing on improving my marathon time and getting a GFA time for London and a Boston qualifying time, as well as training hard for the best race ever, Comrades. I have now done over 40 marathons.5km races hurt a bit too much so I mostly volunteer at Parkrun - I'm often the timer at Braunstone. Race goal for 2015 is a sub 9 Comrades, which I didn't manage in 2014. I effectively sacrificed it for a sub 3:30 marathon but I'm proud of that, so can't complain. In 2014 I also got to run the Boston Marathon, which was ace, and won a prize in the county road race league.Races that I would like to do, in no particular order: Two Oceans, Jungfrau Marathon, Mont Ventoux Half Marathon, the Blaydon Race. I designed the chameleon icon. My Comrades #20607 but I'm not after a Green Number. 2nd on the Marathon Talk podium during Episode #154. Based in Leicester and Nottingham. Teetotal and proud to be vegan.Things that I have won when speedy people have not turned up: 1st lady, Braunstone Parkrun #1, 2nd lady, Beacon Hill trail race 2011; 1st FV40 and 9th lady, Blackpool Marathon 2012; 1st lady, Leicester Winter 5km Series Race #1 2013, 3rd lady, Leicester Winter 5km Series Race #2 2013, 3rd lady, Leicester Summer 5km Series Race #1 2012 3rd lady, Christmas Enigma marathon #1, 4th lady, Stort 30 2013, 4th lady, Huddersfield Marathon 2014, 4th lady, Wakefield Marathon 2014, 6th lady, Cheltenham Circular Challenge 2013, 9th lady, Belvoir Challenge 26 2013, 10th lady, Cambridge Boundary Run 26.2 2013, 10th lady, Bolton Hill Marathon 2013, 10th lady and 49th overall, Wales Marathon 2013, 10th lady and 1st FV35-44, Riverbank Notts AC 5 mile 2013, 2nd lady and 20th overall, Charnwood Marathon 2013, Fastest lady, A Coventry Way Challenge, 40 miles, 2013. 1st lady, Sheffield Castle parkrun #59, 4th FV40 Leicestershire Road Race Summer League 2014. 1st FV40 Market Harborough Half Marathon 2015, 4th lady, Hinckley Town Centre 5km 2015, 4th FV40 and 19th lady, Potteries Marathon 2015, 1st lady Enigma Shaken But Not Stirred Half Marathon 2015. 3rd FV 40 Leicestershire Road Race Winter League 2015; 2nd FV40 Leicestershire Road Race Summer League 2015. Winner of Outstanding Female Performance and Most Improved Half Marathon at Wigston Phoenix Awards 2012. Winner of Outstanding Female Performance at Wigston Phoenix Awards 2013. Runner of the Year for 2014 on the Leicester Runners Facebook Group.

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Current Status

2nd FV40 in the Leicestershire Road Running League Summer 2015

Planned Races

26 Nov 15 Race Harborough Tunnel Vision
29 Nov 15 Barnsley 10k
02 Dec 15 Leicester City Winter 5k series Race 2
13 Dec 15 Keyworth Turkey Trot
20 Dec 15 Wigston Phoenix Club Christmas Handicap Race
31 Dec 15 Ely New Years Eve 10k
06 Jan 16 Leicester City Winter 5k series Race 3
10 Jan 16 Winter Tanners
17 Jan 16 Markfield 10k - Winter LRRL
24 Jan 16 Barrow 6 Winter LRRL
30 Jan 16 Cakeathon Challenge (6 Hour Race)
31 Jan 16 January Chocathon 6 Hour Race Fowlmead
03 Feb 16 Leicester City Winter 5k series Race 4
14 Feb 16 St Valentines 30k
28 Feb 16 Stilton 7- Winter LRRL
28 Feb 16 Relativity Run
29 Feb 16 Leap Year Challenge
05 Mar 16 Green Man Ultra
06 Mar 16 Kibworth 6 - Winter LRRL
19 Mar 16 Charnwood Marathon
20 Mar 16 Ashby 20
26 Mar 16 Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon
10 Apr 16 Rachel's Ranscombe Ramble 8 hour race
24 Apr 16 London Marathon
30 Apr 16 Oxon 20
01 May 16 North Dorset Village Marathon
04 May 16 May The 4th - Half-marathon Virtual Race
15 May 16 Syston 8 Mile
22 May 16 Gaddesby 7 - LRRL
29 May 16 Comrades Marathon
26 Jun 16 Round Sheffield Run
02 Jul 16 Snickerthon Marathon
06 Jul 16 Hungarton 7
16 Jul 16 Race To The Stones
30 Jul 16 Enigma World Cup Winners 50th Anniversary Half Marathon
03 Aug 16 Huncote 5
11 Aug 16 Kinnego Marathon (Quadrathon Day #1)
12 Aug 16 Malin Marathon (Quadrathon Day #2)
13 Aug 16 Mamore Marathon (Quadrathon Day #3)
14 Aug 16 Muff Marathon (Quadrathon Day #4)
27 Aug 16 Enigma Planes, Trains & Automobiles
04 Sep 16 John Fraser 10
09 Oct 16 Bank of America Chicago Marathon
23 Oct 16 Leicester Marathon


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