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is growing a new fetchie

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Started running when at uni coz it was cheap, did a few races and got hooked really. Then moved to Surrey 5 years ago and love running in the countryside despite the hills. Been a bit up and down with mojo over the last year, setting targets too high, not completing the training then being disappointed. So basically starting again on the come back from a bit of illness. Aim to do another marathon at some point coz got unfinished business.

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Fantasy Fetch

This player is not currently valued. To get a valuation, this runner needs to record at least 1 race within the last 3 months, and at least 100 miles of running in their training log.

Best Ever Times

Distance Race Time Pace WAVA Date Races
5 km Kelly's Miles for Smiles 5k 30:00 9:39 49.35 Oct 2010 3
10 km Leatherhead Fire Station 10k 53:58 8:41 56.21 Nov 2007 11
10 miles Dorking 10 1:38:00 9:48 50.7 Jun 2007 1
13.1 miles Sussex Beacon Half Marathon 2:05:35 9:35 52.42 Feb 2008 2
16 miles ASICS Kingston Breakfast Run -16m 3:00:00 11:15 45.27 Mar 2008 1
26.2 miles London Marathon 5:00:09 11:27 45.12 Apr 2008 2

Annual Bests

Distance 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
5 km 30:00
10 km 53:58 1:01:40 1:00:00 1:02:45 1:26:34
10 miles 1:38:00
13.1 miles 2:05:35
16 miles 3:00:00
26.2 miles 6:15:00 5:00:09

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