Getting Started

Hi there, and welcome to FE. It can be a bit scary to find your way round, so this guide will hopefully get you started. If you get really stuck, just send me some feedback and I'll do my best to help. You can also try asking for help in our Talk Forum - just click 'Submit a Topic'. There's an unwritten rule (which I'm just about to write here) that no-one takes the mickey out of you until you've made 100 posts on the forum - so don't be afraid to ask something that sounds silly.

Logging Training
Lots of people come here to log their training. The quickest way to do this is to click the Do Stuff Quickly menu (it's on the right-hand-side of the menu bar up top), and choose Add Training - and fill in the details. If you have a Garmin, you can import your training automatically - look for the Garmin Import option on the Do Stuff Quickly menu. All your training appears in your Training Log, which, you've guessed it, is accessible from the Do Stuff Quickly menu!

Finding Races and recording Personal Bests
Another thing that people really like doing is recording all their race times - we call this your Race Portfolio. To start building yours, go to our Race Finder (which is also in the Do Stuff Quickly menu) - and search for races that you've done. At the last count, we had the biggest list of races anywhere in the UK - so you should be able to find yours - but if not, look for the tab marked "Can't find a race?" - and you can add it. Once you've found your race, click it, and there'll be a link just above the location map saying "Add this race to your portfolio" - click that, then click the link that says "Edit your notes for this race" - and you can enter your time, and a race report. Repeating this process builds up your race portfolio, automatically generates your PB list that appears on your user profile, and makes you fit and strong!

Race e.g. Great South Run
Time hh:mm:ss
Date of Race

Final Word
There's loads more to do, but those are the basics - so give them a try, and don't be scared. If something doesn't work right, it's probably broken - so please do let me know - or just ask someone. Most people are very friendly - there's the odd one or two, you know, like anywhere - but hey, you've only just got here, so lets not talk about that yet.

Happy Running,

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