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20 Mar
7:40pm, 20 Mar 2017
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I'm on my club's bus at 6am and will pop by at some point. Very excited about the day and being able to support all of the amazing runners.
20 Mar
9:39pm, 20 Mar 2017
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Am on the list now, but not sue what time I'll be arriving. Is there a usual meet up time?
20 Mar
9:51pm, 20 Mar 2017
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Hi Grast_girl :-) Some of us will be there from 7:30 to save the space and start on the balloons. Everyone else turns up in dribs and drabs, depending on trains, or perhaps if they've been to see family/friends off at the start or somewhere else on the course and then head over to us - we're 5 mins from Shadwell Station on DLR so easy to get to from Greenwich / Docklands. So basically whatever I'm saying is whenever you can get along is fine :-)
20 Mar
10:05pm, 20 Mar 2017
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Looks like I'd get there about 9.20, as the first train doesn't leave until 9.
20 Mar
10:31pm, 20 Mar 2017
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That's awesome Grast_girl. :-)
20 Mar
11:24pm, 20 Mar 2017
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Don't worry, we'll save some balloons for you to blow up!!
21 Mar
7:20am, 21 Mar 2017
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Just checked the trains - good job I'm not running this year, first train isn't until the 8.15 -flippin' engineering works. If I make it it won't be before 10.
23 Mar
1:50pm, 23 Mar 2017
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We have a few new members of the supporters group. :-)

I shall be doing teams over the next few days. Promise. It's really happening.

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Right folks, it's that time of year!

Please have a look at the groups and sign up NOW, for the most exciting, amazing and LONGEST marathon support point EVER.

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It will be the best fun, the most balloons, the juiciest oranges and the most awesome support point in all of London Town.

Wow, you look *amazing* today.

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