700 miles in 2017

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11 Jan
4:26pm, 11 Jan 2017
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Nice one RA! Good to have, erm, ambition...

Had a few days of illness, thankfully feeling a bit better today and making training plans. Not actually training, of course. Except the core which I'm about to do.

PaulaMc, have you ever considered a short after-work run to Wapping, or Rotherhithe, and getting the train home from there if you don't fancy the full distance?
11 Jan
4:30pm, 11 Jan 2017
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Icelandic Trigirl
PB for distance, Pompey Paul? Planning to run TO Pompeii at any point? Do stop in for a coffee as you pass.
11 Jan
4:31pm, 11 Jan 2017
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Well done Alex, - and you've allowed yourself plenty of time to get used to the idea.
Turk - I shall be cross-training along with you for at least the next two weeks. Probably longer in my case.
Paula, when were you doing that run? After work? If so, you can imagine me cheering you on and waving Tasty Forbidden Fruit! Tasty Forbidden Fruit! at any point where you haven't already got someone (apart from Tower Bridge I don't really know that route either)
11 Jan
4:31pm, 11 Jan 2017
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Perfectly normal RA.

Good running from people today.

Sallykate, be careful and don't overdo it.

One of my runs has made it to my training log, one hasn't. Odd, as they both uploaded to Garmin Connect all right.
11 Jan
4:55pm, 11 Jan 2017
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Nice one RA
11 Jan
5:06pm, 11 Jan 2017
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~applauds RA~
11 Jan
5:15pm, 11 Jan 2017
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ITG you'll have to get used to PP's frankly ridiculous mileage. He is an international Ninja too, so many of those miles are run in exotic and or interesting places. Never mind, we still Awwwwwwwwww! him despite all that :-)

I feel a teensy bit better, so much so that when I went into town to buy a frame for an old map son1 bought us for Christmas, I called in to Upn and Running with a determination to buy myself 'something'. I ended up with this Link (roll over me to see where I go)

Annoyingly, despite getting a good discount as a club member, it would have been (very slightly) cheaper if I'd bought it from that website, but then I wouldn't have had the instant gratification of wearing it on tonight's club run, would I? ;-) It's got flashing lights and everything :-)
11 Jan
5:18pm, 11 Jan 2017
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Well done RA, may inspire me to volunteer one day, park run may be a good start. No one mentioned there were hills in HDS? First the shock of 10/12 miles, now hills, next you'll be saying we have to run through water. Decided to start a bit later so I can ride in the light, managed 2 days of the longer commute ( 9 miles), lovely start to the day and seeing the sunrise. Also got a bonus 4.5 m run yesterday before it got dark. Bristol tomorrow and hoping to be back for club run.
11 Jan
5:23pm, 11 Jan 2017
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*shields eyes* neat coat Daisy :-)
Funkyplates you have embarked on an adventure :-)
11 Jan
5:26pm, 11 Jan 2017
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You'll love it, fp :-)

And I Awwwwwwwwww! that jacket, LD. I have envy.

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Welcome to the 700 miles in 2017 thread, everybody welcome :-)

The thread motto is:

'700 miles is neither necessary nor sufficient'

All you have to do is run about 1.91 miles per day or 13.46 miles per week or 58.33 miles per month and take a picture when you get to 700 miles of either you or the spot you reached the target or both if you want to. And if you go under or over 700 miles nobody will mind.

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700 Target Races for 2017

1st - CStar - Box Hill Knacker Cracker
2nd - Corrah - Lumphanan Detox 10k
2nd - Alpenrose - Somerley 10k
8th - XB - The Wirral Way Half
8th - Sinj999 - Cliveden XC
14th - Fleecy - Hell Down South
14th - Linds - Hell Down South
14th - Fidgety Midget - Hell Down South
15th - LazyDaisy - Linda Franks
22nd - CStar - Farnborough HM
28th - Stewie - WRC Winter 5 Milers
29th - Lazydaisy - Steverton 10 miles

February 2017
5th - Lazydaisy - Fulfords Five
5th - LordWotsit - Longleat 10k
12th - FML - Barcelona Half Marathon
12th - Serendippily - Portsmouth Half
12th - Photoset & Just Commando - Wokingham Half
19th - CStar, RRR-CAZ - Bramley 20
25th - XB, Northernslowcoach - Bolton Abbey Trail Half
26th - XB - Bolton Abbey Trail Half Marathon
26th - V23 - Cambridge Boundary Run

5th - Meadwosboy & FML - Newton Fraction half
5th - Lip Gloss - Smokies 10 mile
5th - Corrah - Arbroath Footers Smokies Ladies 10
11th - Alpenrose - Larmer Tree 10
12th - CStar - The Grizzly
19th - GimmeMedals & Rosehip -Draycote Water 10m
19th - FML - Ashby 20m
19th - Just Commando, RRR-CAZ - Reading Half
26th - Corrah - Run Garioch 10k
26th - Daffodil Dawdle 26.2 challenge

2nd - Gimme Medals - Lincoln 10k
2nd - V23, Corrah - Asics Greater Manchester Marathon
8th - PP & Bint - South Downs Way 50 miles
9th - Turkhish - Flitwick 10k
9th - Serendippily - Brighton Marathon
9th - Sombrero - Sheffield Half
15th - Lemon10 - Northampton Cakeathon
17th - AndyJ82 - Boston UK Marathon
23rd - Cstar, PP, Photoset - Virgin London Marathon
30th - Just Commando - Dusseldorf Marathon relay

7th - Alepnrose - Light Ox 10k
13th - Bint - North Downs Way 50
21st - Lemon10 - Windermere Marathon
21st - Just Commando - Dorney Sprint Tri
28th - Just Commando - Edinburgh Marathon Relay
28th - Stewie - Liverpool rock n roll half
28th - Gimme Medals - Westminster Mile
29th - Gimme Medals - Vitality 10,000 London

4th - Just Commando - Cotswold 113 Middle distance Tri
10th - CStar, Fidgety Midget, sinj999 - Endure 24
10th - PP & Bint - South downs Way 100 Miles
11th - Gimme Medals - Normanby 10k
16th - Turkhish - Marston Forest 5k
24th - Alpenrose - Sydling Hill Race 10k
24th/25th - Commandos - Race to King
25th - FML - Grimsthorpe HM
25th - Stewie - Humber Bridge HM

29th - FML - Manvers Dusk Till Down (12 hours)
30th - Gimme Medals - Great Grimsby 10k

5th - Bint - North Downs Way 100
27th - Corrah - Great Aberdeen Run HM

10th - CStar, PP - New Forest Half
10th - Turkhish - GNR
16th - Bint - Chiltern Wonderland 50
17th - Stewie - English HM
17th - Lazydaisy - Copenhagen HM
25th - Stewie, Corrah - Loch Ness Marathon
29th - rosehip - Stort 30

1st - AndyJ82 - Mablethorpe half
28th - PP & Bint - Beachy Head Marathon


17th - PP - Portsmouth Coastal marathon

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