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27 Apr
6:28pm, 27 Apr 2017
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I'm sure looking at your phone while you ride your horse down the main road in the village is a great idea. And don't worry! I was driving at 10mph anyway, so there's no need to thank me for slowing down.
27 Apr
6:42pm, 27 Apr 2017
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Icelandic Trigirl
(No relation to Wobbling)

Dear BBC, a history of domestic violence, including convictions that are all him against her is not a "volatile relationship"; it is an abusive relationship. Stop trying to colour it as though she is equally responsible.
27 Apr
6:55pm, 27 Apr 2017
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(also thought of Wbbling today)
27 Apr
7:37pm, 27 Apr 2017
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[ITG - I'm head of Comms for one of the police forces in London. Westminster & the aftermath was very busy, and at times, distressing for us.]
27 Apr
7:38pm, 27 Apr 2017
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[thank you H. At least today wasn't my birthday!]
27 Apr
7:53pm, 27 Apr 2017
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Icelandic Trigirl
[must have been hard, W. hugs]
27 Apr
11:26pm, 27 Apr 2017
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No. They were in a serious accident. They admit that they made an error of judgement that could very possibly have resulted in terrible injury or even death. Your response of "well they should have been more careful then" is totally inadequate. These are my friends. Show a bit of compassion for a change.

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