The Sub 3:15 Marathon Thread

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11:29am, 26 Apr 2017
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Jovi, that's how I feel about it. If you feel fresh at 16 or 18, push on, but at 10, 12 you should feel like you are jogging and that is no time to push on because of course you're going to feel great. The first 16 or even 18 are just a warm up! :-) G
11:33am, 26 Apr 2017
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I'd have to run the first 16 miles at 8m/m pace to be able to speed up for the last 10. It would be more like a training run.

I've written contradictory posts today. I'm going into a dark room to think.
11:36am, 26 Apr 2017
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The 2:30 runners are likely attacking the marathon and were likely aiming for faster times. If you aren't being conservative, a positive split is likely because you are on the edge of what you can do, not because it is the plan
11:41am, 26 Apr 2017
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Any more VLM blogs coming...? I like a good read over lunch time! Postie's and Bazo's were both very good. More please! :-) G
11:50am, 26 Apr 2017
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I think nearly everyone who has put in a decent amount of training is looking to attack the marathon, regardless of what time they are aiming for. How you attack it though is matter for debate as we are seeing here now.
12:42pm, 26 Apr 2017
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I've managed a negative split in the last three marathons, admittedly only 8 seconds or so on Sunday, but a few minutes in London and Berlin last year. I try not to bother myself in the first two to three miles and pick my way through the congestion without worrying too much about pace. Get to halfway feeling as comfortable as possible then try to build up as much as I can muster in the second half.

After Sunday I was beginning to wonder whether hitting the right pace a bit earlier would be beneficial. Agree with Tizer's point that increased heart rate earlier on might be counterproductive though. Something I may try differently in the autumn.

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