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22 Mar
1:10pm, 22 Mar 2017
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Fenland (Fenners) Runner
"Joe Hart has made 6 defensive errors this season, with only Josip Posavec of Palermo making more in Europe's top 5 leagues"

I guess Pep called that right?
22 Mar
1:51pm, 22 Mar 2017
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It does sound like he has had a mare. Problem with Defensive errors though is they are subjective, plus if he has made some worldies that others keepers couldn't have made that isn't recognised.

In this case though I think on most measures he hasn't had a goodtime of it in Italy.
22 Mar
7:26pm, 22 Mar 2017
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apparently the Torino fans love him and he has played well according to the Italian footie reports I've read.
22 Mar
8:37pm, 22 Mar 2017
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Yes, but Pep chose a clown to replace him.
22 Mar
9:21pm, 22 Mar 2017
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Fenland (Fenners) Runner
A screamer from Podolski......
23 Mar
9:01am, 23 Mar 2017
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Fenland (Fenners) Runner
Wasn't De Gea's first season at United a bit ropey?
23 Mar
9:13am, 23 Mar 2017
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paul the builder
Loads of keeps (and players generally) have ropey first seasons. It's the rare exception that then go on to be the world's best in their position. *Usually* it's because they are ropey.
23 Mar
9:13am, 23 Mar 2017
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paul the builder
"keeps"? Sorry peeps :-)
23 Mar
9:18am, 23 Mar 2017
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Wasn't Southgate's start WAY more inspiring than Big Sam's turgid slugfest? Just need a striker/midfielder who can finish chances - which unfortunately Lallana doesn't seem to be, and Alli was uncharacteristically profligate.
23 Mar
12:59pm, 23 Mar 2017
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Meanwhile in Scotland the best player on the park in last night's friendly plays in the Scottish second tier (about six miles from me) and the next best used to play for the same team. Unfortunately, both were representing Canada.

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