Our Charity Partners


Oxfam is a global movement of people passionate about putting an end to poverty.Together, we're up for moving mountains, going that extra mile. Together we're humankind. As the 2011 official London Marathon and Edinburgh Marathon charity, and with places in other major UK races, we're serious about running. We use every ounce of our determination to make sure our runners have the experience of a lifetime. And, because of your extraordinary determination, whole communities will work their way out of poverty. For good. Determination is everything.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support is dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by cancer. We provide practical, medical, emotional and financial support and push for better cancer care. There are now two million people - nearly double the previous estimate of 1.2 million - living with, and after, cancer. 99% of our work is funded by voluntary donations, which is why we need your help to continue raising valuable funds to support Macmillan's work. Together, we can make a difference. Here at Team Macmillan we understand what it takes to train for and complete a running event whatever the distance. Our huge support network will be there for you every step of the way, while you raise money to change the lives of people affected by cancer across the UK. We'll provide you with lots of fundraising advice, training and nutritional tips, and we'll be there on the day to cheer you around the course! So, put on your running shoes and take part in the challenge of a lifetime! We look forward to welcoming you to the team.

Visit our website Email us Call 020 7840 7878

Asthma UK

5.4 million people in the UK now have asthma and 10 per cent of all children have been diagnosed by a doctor as having asthma. Every seven hours somebody dies from asthma, yet 90 per cent of these deaths are preventable. At Asthma UK we are working to prevent these deaths by understanding more about the causes of asthma and to free people with asthma from its effects. Joining the team in green and support Asthma UK!

The Pace Centre

PACE is a ground-breaking children’s charity that transforms the lives of children and young people with physical disabilities. Fundamental to our approach is a belief in every child’s ability to learn and make progress, whatever the physical or sensory challenges they face. Our overriding goal is to help children and young people with physical disabilities to achieve their full potential and to be as independent as possible in their current and future lives.

Whizz Kidz

Whizz-Kidz is a dynamic charity all about giving disabled children and young people the independence to enjoy an active childhood - at home, at school and at play. By providing them with customised mobility equipment, training, advice and life skills, we actually give them something much more important; the independence to be themselves. We make an immediate and life changing difference to their lives and their families. We are virtually 100% reliant on voluntary funds so we urgently need your support to enable as many young people as possible to lead an active childhood. Join Team Whizz-Kidz and benefit from our legendary runner support package. Your steps will help a disabled child take theirs. We have places in New York, London, Berlin, Paris and many more! We look forward to hearing from you.

Visit our website Email us Call 020 7233 9696

Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs provide life-transforming freedom, independence and mobility to thousands of blind and partially-sighted people throughout the UK. We receive no government funding and depend entirely on voluntary donations to provide our services. Go for Guide Dogs and take part in a range of running events, from the 10k Great Manchester Run to the Virgin London Marathon. Guide Dogs will be with you every step of the way providing you with a full support pack complete with technical Saucony running top, fundraising tips and training hints. We would be delighted if you chose to run for Guide Dogs and we promise to give you the highest level of support through every stage of your race experience.

Visit our website Email us Call 0845 600 6787

Marie Curie Cancer Care

Make it your year to take on a challenge for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Be part of an amazing team and help more people with cancer and other terminal illnesses. Take on a 5k, 10k or one of the world's great marathons with us and we'll support you all the way. As soon as you sign up you'll get an exclusive Nike Dri-Fit running vest - that's been designed to keep you cool during your training and race.

Visit our website Call 08700 340 040

British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is dedicated to saving lives every day; through pioneering research, caring for patients and families, campaigning for change and providing vital information to help people care for their own heart health. Whether you know someone who has been affected by heart problems or you just want to put your running shoes on for a great cause, your heart will tell you that there is no one better to run for than the UK's number one heart charity! Join our BHF Heart Runners Team and help us win the race against heart disease.

RT @brucesdogdays: Please RT: Help us reach 1,000 followers and we'll donate £100 to @guidedogs - their @SponsorAPuppy scheme is a great ca…
12:56pm, 2nd Sep 2014
RT @claireayles: The kids helped supplement my London Marathon fundraising for @WhizzKidz with an impromptu cake sale. Bless 'em http://t.c…
11:59am, 2nd Sep 2014
@BeckieofBodom We hope you're ok, Beckie. Give our asthma nurses a call if you need any advice: 0800 121 62 44
11:30am, 2nd Sep 2014
@HeatherTowns Is there anything we can do to help, Heather? Perhaps a chat with one of our #asthma nurses? 0800 121 62 44
11:28am, 2nd Sep 2014
@skipsbry @JustGiving @Asthmaukevents Thank you so much Anna and good luck in your Mini #GNR!
11:27am, 2nd Sep 2014
@darrensolutions @stopsmokingplan No problem Darren, we're happy to help and glad you found the Helpline useful.
11:24am, 2nd Sep 2014
RT @KatePearsonScot: Our @PostcodeLottery #DreamFund is open! Closing date is 30/09 & the award fund is up to £750k. More info http://t.co/…
10:17am, 2nd Sep 2014
RT @WorldCPDay: World CP Day Invent It Competition - Design4CP: http://t.co/l1ZJfjAaaG via @YouTube
9:52am, 2nd Sep 2014
RT @WorldCPDay: What is #cerebralpalsy? What causes CP and how does if affect people? Check out amazing this video http://t.co/LEt3QXaR7B #…
9:52am, 2nd Sep 2014
Greetings to all our lovely new followers! You can read about our vision for kids with #cerebralpalsy here: http://t.co/c6PhsFiSVg
9:47am, 2nd Sep 2014
Want to run the #londonmarathon2015 ? Beat the ballot results rush next month and secure a place now with Whizz-Kidz http://t.co/6KWXdtxOQE
9:31am, 2nd Sep 2014
@TwitterComms Some of our little heroes wanted to send you a special #BagItBeatIt message! http://t.co/iDQA3EzXt3
6:26am, 2nd Sep 2014
@TwitterUK Some of our little heroes wanted to send you a special #BagItBeatIt message! http://t.co/iDQA3EzXt3
6:26am, 2nd Sep 2014
@twitterstories Some of our little heroes wanted to send you a special #BagItBeatIt message! http://t.co/iDQA3EzXt3
6:26am, 2nd Sep 2014
@Nonprofits Some of our little heroes wanted to send you a special #BagItBeatIt message! http://t.co/iDQA3EzXt3
6:25am, 2nd Sep 2014
@twitter Some of our little heroes wanted to send you a special #BagItBeatIt message! http://t.co/iDQA3EzXt3
6:24am, 2nd Sep 2014
@isaacson97 It's not easy - sometimes even we struggle! They're all such stars :) Thanks Samantha!
5:45am, 2nd Sep 2014
@ChristianClark9 Thanks Christian ;)
5:44am, 2nd Sep 2014
Here’s a very special message from some very special little heroes - will you help them #BagItBeatIt this month? http://t.co/iDQA3EzXt3
5:15am, 2nd Sep 2014
@BeckyJones714 Hi Becky, thank you for your support. We love you too.
5:11am, 2nd Sep 2014
@nosnikmoTekuL @abbiecart22 Hi there. You are not only 'not that bad a person' - we think you're actually quite wonderful.
5:11am, 2nd Sep 2014
@MargaretJane11 Hi Margaret, it's a shame we know nothing about baking. OH wait, we know heaps! You may like this: http://t.co/PR1pxlpMDt
5:09am, 2nd Sep 2014
RT @DocJaneCollins: on way back from 5 year celebration of our Helper service in Somerset. Amazing stories from clients & their helpers. R…
5:05am, 2nd Sep 2014
@rrllw @WaterAidUK Ha! I'm sure you will be fine. Hope it all goes well. Becky
5:00am, 2nd Sep 2014
@yazgeorge @ClothesShow Hi Yaz, we are excited too! It should be great! Becky
4:54am, 2nd Sep 2014
@bear_foot Hi Fiona. Was today the day?- Becky
4:50am, 2nd Sep 2014
@lozzwebb Hi Lawrence, could you DM us with more details so we can look into this?
4:44am, 2nd Sep 2014
RT @officialolivier: #LandofSmiles out NOW https://t.co/SgUxQbeJU8 Only 79p...ALL proceeds go to @mariecurieuk please RT xx
4:41am, 2nd Sep 2014
@sosmooth70 @LouiseHazel That's 3.1 miles Kelvin - a nice distance!
4:38am, 2nd Sep 2014
RT @Laurahenrietta1: @macmillancancer @BCCare check out my video of chemo song I have written to the tune of LET IT GO. https://t.co/Hv8A…
4:30am, 2nd Sep 2014
@Laurahenrietta1 Hi Laura, thank you for sharing this with us! How are you feeling? Please remember we are right here if you need to chat.
4:24am, 2nd Sep 2014
RT @usherchic2: I'm doing the @ThamesPath100k for @guidedogs pls take a look at my link :) http://t.co/FSR0nTbpv3
4:19am, 2nd Sep 2014
On the 5th anniversary of our Helper service, we'd like to say a big thank you to the 395 volunteer Helpers who've supported 748 people.
4:19am, 2nd Sep 2014
@Chasing119 @Asthmaukevents How fantastic - thank you so much!
4:12am, 2nd Sep 2014
RT @adamelman: A partnership built on more than coffee & cake, new blog from @macmillancancer on partnership with @marksandspencer http://…
3:54am, 2nd Sep 2014
Hi @leicesterpride, we enjoyed our time at Pride on Saturday. Well done! Have you seen our brand new LGBT Lounge? http://t.co/1bIkyLU82n
3:52am, 2nd Sep 2014
Janice, who has MS, talks about how she enjoys Helper Sandra's weekly visits, & how they spend their time together: http://t.co/Lwq6FZC9jy
3:47am, 2nd Sep 2014
@catief Hi Catie, Hope Tristan is excited for his challenge. If you can let me know the total raised, I will make sure he gets a cerificate
3:41am, 2nd Sep 2014
Dr Jane Collins chats to Jenny Boot who received a long service award for 5 years as a volunteer Helper today. http://t.co/gk0NeL2OtB
3:40am, 2nd Sep 2014
We're working to establish Helper services in 4 new areas: Lothian, N. London, Tyne & Wear and W. Cumbria, bringing the total to 12 areas
3:35am, 2nd Sep 2014
@kazni2 Hi, if you donated online you do not get a text message but you should receive a thank you email.
3:30am, 2nd Sep 2014
Our Helper Service is available completely free of charge. To find out more please visit http://t.co/dH82Oup1I1
3:30am, 2nd Sep 2014
RT @The_DanielleLee: 2 months ago I quit smoking, in 4 weeks i'm running my 1st half marathon raising money for @macmillancancer https://t.…
3:20am, 2nd Sep 2014
On the 5th anniversary of our Helper service, volunteers Jenny & Diana are getting long service awards for 5 years service. Thank you both!
3:15am, 2nd Sep 2014
One of our volunteers says: "I'm surprised how being a Marie Curie Helper has changed me". Find out how to volunteer http://t.co/QepZmIzBCl
3:13am, 2nd Sep 2014
@thisisandycooke Sorry to hear about your step-dad Andy - thanks for joining the fight. #heartrunners
3:13am, 2nd Sep 2014
@charitychall We know some people hold it in France and Spain, but as for 'unusual', our friends @Giveacar held theirs in a scrapyard.
3:04am, 2nd Sep 2014
Learn more about Marie Curie Helpers - Pat & Mike’s Story: http://t.co/dcxIBInn0w http://t.co/jsnuBFCiBm
2:56am, 2nd Sep 2014
@Olivia158 We're glad to hear it. Feel free to call us again if you need to.
2:32am, 2nd Sep 2014
@Olivia158 Thanks Olivia. Did you speak to someone on our Helpline today?
2:17am, 2nd Sep 2014
@HeatherTowns We're glad to hear that. Don't hesitate to call us again if you need any more advice.
2:16am, 2nd Sep 2014
@SimplySupps Could not be done without our supporters so thank you and your team! Hope the waxing session goes well. Sabina
2:08am, 2nd Sep 2014
@PeterboroLions Hi, we're limited for space on twitter but you can find out more here: http://t.co/J6tRbu1624 thanks, Sabina
1:58am, 2nd Sep 2014
@paulsquirrell Hi Paul, Sorry to hear this. Can you email us your details at changes@oxfam.org.uk and we will investigate why they are.
1:45am, 2nd Sep 2014
@nisosoulmates Hi, Thank you for your purchase. Hope you enjoy your book and thank you for your support. It means a lot - Paul
1:44am, 2nd Sep 2014
@JeremyKwee Hi Jeremy, Thank you for your support. Hope you enjoy the book. Thanks Paul
1:40am, 2nd Sep 2014
RT @CommNewsWire: Congratulations to the @R2H2014 team! http://t.co/uhP6coAtvq They cycled from Rome to London, raising £4.5k for @WhizzKid
1:40am, 2nd Sep 2014
@NinDorkKnight Good job Ben. I would have done the same :) - Paul
1:38am, 2nd Sep 2014
RT @FluCamp4Asthma: You might know that 5.4 million people have asthma in the UK but did you know this? Please share and raise awareness! h…
1:37am, 2nd Sep 2014
RT @SoliGuideDog: Thanks to customers and staff @Morrisons in Shirley we raised over £750 for @guidedogs on Saturday. A big woof and lick f…
11:54am, 1st Sep 2014
RT @djharmonyx: One week til the Great North Run. If you sponsor me both me and a Labrador puppy will love you forever: @guidedogs https://…
11:54am, 1st Sep 2014
RT @DaisyNook1: Oct 3-5 Flower arranging festival with a dog theme. All donations to @guidedogs
11:50am, 1st Sep 2014
@CarrieGrant1 we are launching a parents network due to SEND reforms & would love your involvement! How would be best to contact you?
4:29am, 1st Sep 2014
RT @R2H2014: @WhizzKidz Thank you so much. We had such great support and are absolutely thrilled to have raised so much money for a great c…
3:50am, 1st Sep 2014
CONGRATULATIONS to @R2H2014 boys for completing their #cycling #challenge across Europe to raise £4K for Whizz-Kidz! http://t.co/GxN65b6sjX
3:40am, 1st Sep 2014
PRESS RELEASE: Team of 6 cycled from Rome to Home & raise £4.5K for disabled children http://t.co/JGWAxrbnk2 http://t.co/FV8V0jZVlm
3:37am, 1st Sep 2014
@putneysw15 PRESS RELEASE Team of 6 cycled from Rome2Home & raise £4.5K for disabled children http://t.co/JGWAxrbnk2 http://t.co/t8Y2DBSjTz
3:36am, 1st Sep 2014
Well done to @samandmarktv for going on @BBC Celebrity Pressure Pad and winning £500 for Whizz-Kidz!
2:58am, 1st Sep 2014
Help us tackle #pavementparking by signing our petition: http://t.co/Sxp0wN4yy1
9:30am, 31st Aug 2014
Stop by and see us in #Bath? We're holding an Information Event 3rd Sept. Find out more about Guide Dogs in the area http://t.co/NxTPG0qvzl
8:30am, 31st Aug 2014
Want to try something new? Join our events team at the Bupa @Great_Run 2014 events@guidedogs.org.uk #GNRMillion
7:33am, 31st Aug 2014
In October 1931, Britain's first 4 guide dog partnerships completed their training. We've come a long way http://t.co/Cj4N4Pp1oo
7:30am, 31st Aug 2014
Spoil someone with a gift from Dogalogue: our luxurious Reed Diffuser is a perfect choice http://t.co/jTdXDkIz7i http://t.co/W14vlF1qLU
8:30am, 30th Aug 2014
Congrats to our August PACE Draw winners. Dian is spending her £250 on a lycra suit for her grandaughter at PACE. http://t.co/6zaQQdQRXj
4:34am, 29th Aug 2014
Hope you've all had a great #summer. We're getting ready to welcome children and families back for the start of the new term! #backtoschool
9:31am, 27th Aug 2014
RT @BENSONJAMESPT: A great day was had by all at the #TeamBensonJames Games this weekend at @reflexions13 in aid of @thepacecentre http://t…
9:15am, 27th Aug 2014
Thank you for you support @jonhighbury! You're transforming the lives of kids with #CerebralPalsy!
9:13am, 27th Aug 2014
RT @jonhighbury: Just donated to @thepacecentre for Mark Gardiner's successful 100mile cycle - please help out at http://t.co/EeAwneqdVd fo…
9:12am, 27th Aug 2014
RT @irwinmitchell: @disabilitysheff Got an idea that could help people w/ a #disability? We’re offering £10K to the best innovation http://…
2:42am, 26th Aug 2014
#Twitter greetings to our friends at @Ripcor! For all your kind help, we'd like to say...... http://t.co/tJYM3RPfRm
2:24am, 20th Aug 2014

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