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Our Charity Partners

British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is dedicated to saving lives every day; through pioneering research, caring for patients and families, campaigning for change and providing vital information to help people care for their own heart health. Whether you know someone who has been affected by heart problems or you just want to put your running shoes on for a great cause, your heart will tell you that there is no one better to run for than the UK's number one heart charity! Join our BHF Heart Runners Team and help us win the race against heart disease.

Whizz Kidz

Whizz-Kidz is a dynamic charity all about giving disabled children and young people the independence to enjoy an active childhood - at home, at school and at play. By providing them with customised mobility equipment, training, advice and life skills, we actually give them something much more important; the independence to be themselves. We make an immediate and life changing difference to their lives and their families. We are virtually 100% reliant on voluntary funds so we urgently need your support to enable as many young people as possible to lead an active childhood. Join Team Whizz-Kidz and benefit from our legendary runner support package. Your steps will help a disabled child take theirs. We have places in New York, London, Berlin, Paris and many more! We look forward to hearing from you.

Visit our website Email us Call 020 7233 9696

Marie Curie Cancer Care

Make it your year to take on a challenge for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Be part of an amazing team and help more people with cancer and other terminal illnesses. Take on a 5k, 10k or one of the world's great marathons with us and we'll support you all the way. As soon as you sign up you'll get an exclusive Nike Dri-Fit running vest - that's been designed to keep you cool during your training and race.

Visit our website Call 08700 340 040

The Pace Centre

PACE is a ground-breaking children’s charity that transforms the lives of children and young people with physical disabilities. Fundamental to our approach is a belief in every child’s ability to learn and make progress, whatever the physical or sensory challenges they face. Our overriding goal is to help children and young people with physical disabilities to achieve their full potential and to be as independent as possible in their current and future lives.


Oxfam is a global movement of people passionate about putting an end to poverty.Together, we're up for moving mountains, going that extra mile. Together we're humankind. As the 2011 official London Marathon and Edinburgh Marathon charity, and with places in other major UK races, we're serious about running. We use every ounce of our determination to make sure our runners have the experience of a lifetime. And, because of your extraordinary determination, whole communities will work their way out of poverty. For good. Determination is everything.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support is dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by cancer. We provide practical, medical, emotional and financial support and push for better cancer care. There are now two million people - nearly double the previous estimate of 1.2 million - living with, and after, cancer. 99% of our work is funded by voluntary donations, which is why we need your help to continue raising valuable funds to support Macmillan's work. Together, we can make a difference. Here at Team Macmillan we understand what it takes to train for and complete a running event whatever the distance. Our huge support network will be there for you every step of the way, while you raise money to change the lives of people affected by cancer across the UK. We'll provide you with lots of fundraising advice, training and nutritional tips, and we'll be there on the day to cheer you around the course! So, put on your running shoes and take part in the challenge of a lifetime! We look forward to welcoming you to the team.

Visit our website Email us Call 020 7840 7878

Asthma UK

5.4 million people in the UK now have asthma and 10 per cent of all children have been diagnosed by a doctor as having asthma. Every seven hours somebody dies from asthma, yet 90 per cent of these deaths are preventable. At Asthma UK we are working to prevent these deaths by understanding more about the causes of asthma and to free people with asthma from its effects. Joining the team in green and support Asthma UK!

Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs provide life-transforming freedom, independence and mobility to thousands of blind and partially-sighted people throughout the UK. We receive no government funding and depend entirely on voluntary donations to provide our services. Go for Guide Dogs and take part in a range of running events, from the 10k Great Manchester Run to the Virgin London Marathon. Guide Dogs will be with you every step of the way providing you with a full support pack complete with technical Saucony running top, fundraising tips and training hints. We would be delighted if you chose to run for Guide Dogs and we promise to give you the highest level of support through every stage of your race experience.

Visit our website Email us Call 0845 600 6787

@RiaHearne Thank you so much for your support Ria.
12:55pm, 27th May 2015
Up for a challenge? Take on our London to Brighton Night Ride on 11th July!
12:29pm, 27th May 2015
Fancy tackling Ben Nevis this September? For more info and to sign up, head to our website:
11:48am, 27th May 2015
Our guide for young people looking after someone with cancer •
11:15am, 27th May 2015
@DarlingsWhoDoLt Thank you!
10:24am, 27th May 2015
@jacktravel We’re sorry our callers annoyed you. If you would like to submit a complaint, you can do so here: Thanks
9:24am, 27th May 2015
RT @ukCerebralPalsy: Edinburgh man invents new spoon to help cerebral palsy patients. Love this.
8:59am, 27th May 2015
RT @BBCNews: VIDEO: My cerebral palsy story - in animation
8:55am, 27th May 2015
40% of people in South Sudan are expected to be severely hungry by the end of July:
7:31am, 27th May 2015
@nakedgirlsrow Good luck with the weather ladies - and thank you for your support!
5:28am, 27th May 2015
@SeazonRN @Luke4334 Saw your tweet, eager to help - can you tell us a bit more?
5:12am, 27th May 2015
RT @amybethellice: My recipe for fondant fancies is available here #BloomingGreatTeaParty @mariecurieuk…
5:10am, 27th May 2015
@petergknight Hi Peter, it's great to see you found a treasure in our Oxfam shops! I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for your support, Claire
5:09am, 27th May 2015
@sdritchie Hi, thanks so much for joining Trailwalker! I hope you & the team have a successful fundraising and training journey. - Claire
5:08am, 27th May 2015
You better believe it!
5:05am, 27th May 2015
Sheilas' Wheels had such a great night at their own #MacNightIn, they want you to sign up too!
5:04am, 27th May 2015
@mangolisa Hi, I'm sorry that a book at our Oxfam shop wasn't to your taste. We take any and all donations of good condition. Thanks, Claire
4:55am, 27th May 2015
@surcClub Hi SURC members, thank you so much for supporting Oxfam's work in Nepal! We wish all the riders the best of luck. Thanks, Claire
4:33am, 27th May 2015
Greetings to our friends @kidsinsport! #Thankyou for your wonderful support for the children at PACE!
4:32am, 27th May 2015
RT @Crazy_Goran: @thepacecentre Anyone with upper limb disability wanting to keep fit/use gym apparatus, check this link out:…
4:03am, 27th May 2015
7 out of 10 people living with a terminal illness in UK still don’t get the care & support needed. Help change that
4:00am, 27th May 2015
@AmershamChesney @JustGiving Thanks for your support Carol! You and Jaroslaw are helping to transform lives!
3:59am, 27th May 2015
@cakefiend Thank you for sharing - we hope you like the video! Best wishes, Charlotte
3:35am, 27th May 2015
@cobaincocain We hope your shift is going OK Rachelle - thank you for being a part of our work. Best wishes, Charlotte
3:34am, 27th May 2015
@AbegailMorley Thank you for sharing! Best wishes, Charlotte
3:33am, 27th May 2015
@patricia_shad Hi, we do work in Pakistan yes. Best wishes, Charlotte
3:31am, 27th May 2015
RT @mariecurieuk: BLOG: After The #QueensSpeech: What next for people living with a terminal illness?
3:30am, 27th May 2015
@moonprismpizza No problem - pleased it's getting sorted. Best wishes, Charlotte
3:30am, 27th May 2015
RT @nwb_listed: @nwb_letsinsure and @KTIBLtd at Harston @jardinemotorsuk #Charity #Event on Friday evening for @WhizzKidz…
3:21am, 27th May 2015
RT @WeLoveTenants: NWBIB #Charity Event with @sabcambs & Harston @jardinemotorsuk for @WhizzKidz last Friday - £2100 raised!…
3:21am, 27th May 2015
RT @InfoSalfordCVS: 5 new #Salford & #NW #jobs added to the website today inc: @OnSideYZ @WhizzKidz @AdvocacyFocus @…
3:20am, 27th May 2015
BLOG: After The #QueensSpeech: What next for people living with a terminal illness?
3:06am, 27th May 2015
RT @FrankeUK: We’ve teamed up with @luistroyano in aid of @mariecurieuk to help retailers host their own #BloomingGreatTeaParty. http://t.c…
3:01am, 27th May 2015
RT @inverclyderadio: At 15:30 today Gordon Brown of @AUKScotland will tell us about @asthmauk & @BootsUK #askasthmauk Q&A…
3:00am, 27th May 2015
RT @macmillanpress: Statement: Macmillan Cancer Support responds to the #QueensSpeech
2:45am, 27th May 2015
@hollielsmorgan @thetourofcambs 107% of your target already! Well done, thank you and good luck!
2:24am, 27th May 2015
RT @restorationcake: I'd love to see lots of you baking up a storm for #BloomingGreat ! Here's a recipe to get you started...…
2:21am, 27th May 2015
Tasty Choc Mud Cake recipe from @restorationcake – perfect for your #BloomingGreat Tea party
2:15am, 27th May 2015
@meganmarie9_ Hi Meg, if you could send an email to the team at, they will be able to look into this for you.
2:04am, 27th May 2015
Only 3 days to go until @GetYourRushAR kicks off in London! Will you be tackling it as a team? #AdRush
1:58am, 27th May 2015
@thatsnotabear Thank you for letting us know Josephine - we will ensure the relevant team is informed.
1:51am, 27th May 2015
Brilliant interview from @VanessaOnAir with @profrobgeorge about @Ombudsman 'Dying without Dignity' report on @BBCRadio2 - worth a listen!
1:33am, 27th May 2015
Make your year & help Marie Curie Nurses be there for years to come. Play our raffle to win one of 67 prizes
1:30am, 27th May 2015
Have you heard our new radio advert? •
1:06am, 27th May 2015
Join us tomorrow at 1pm for our hay fever and asthma Q&A with @BootsUK Send Qs beforehand using #askasthmauk
1:04am, 27th May 2015
Got Qs about #hayfever & #asthma? @asthmauk & @BootsUK doing Q&A 28 May 1pm. Join or send Qs before at #askasthmauk
12:13pm, 26th May 2015
It may be half term but our team are training hard today. #bethebest #cerebralpalsy #transforminglives
11:08am, 26th May 2015
RT @AntHarris89: The fans favourite raffle prize has arrived... Thanks @innocent for supporting the @Ripcor casino for @thepacecentre http:…
11:07am, 26th May 2015
@deadinholywood Thank you!
10:54am, 26th May 2015
@izzyclarke12 Congratulations Izzy!
10:53am, 26th May 2015
@LeeWoodford82 Fantastic - thank you!
10:52am, 26th May 2015
@DarrenRScothern We’re really sorry to hear that – could you send us an email at so our team can look into this?
10:49am, 26th May 2015
RT @Asthmaukevents: Congratulations and thank you to our amazing Asthma UK team for completing the @BupaLondon10000 yesterday!
10:30am, 26th May 2015
Got Qs about #hayfever & #asthma? @asthmauk & @BootsUK doing Q&A 28 May 1pm. Join or send Qs before at #askasthmauk
7:45am, 26th May 2015
4 years ago mum-of-two Joanne helped launch our Mending Broken Hearts Appeal. Take a look at her story & our progress
5:00am, 26th May 2015
@annaesmee Thanks Anna, we really appreciate it! Good luck and keep us updated with your training! :D
4:36am, 26th May 2015
RT @DalzielandPow: Congratulations on the success of your casino night fundraiser @ripcor in aid of @thepacecentre. A great cause http://t.…
3:02am, 26th May 2015
RT @OK_OurKids: Here's our founder TonyChurchill talking to @WhizzKidz in Portsmouth about our #WarchOut book.
3:01am, 26th May 2015
@nwb_listed @jardinemotorsuk @SABCambs This is fantastic thank you so much!
2:59am, 26th May 2015
RT @nwb_listed: Thank you to @jardinemotorsuk and @SABCambs. We raised £2,100 for @WhizzKidz at our joint event last Friday.…
2:59am, 26th May 2015
RT @BootsUK: Questions about hayfever & asthma? Join us for @asthmauk & @bootsuk Q&A 28th May at 1pm using #askasthmauk…
2:35am, 26th May 2015
@HosamElhamamsy Hi Hosam, we’re working hard to fund research that can hopefully find a cure. Thanks.
2:32am, 26th May 2015
#charityjob Data Processing Analyst, Burghfield Common, Closing date 4 June
1:31am, 26th May 2015
RT @CentralLobby: .@guidedogs calls for a Bill to protect pedestrians from pavement parking | #QueensSpeech http://…
1:21am, 26th May 2015
@BecsCherrington Hi Rebecca, for more information about applying please visit
1:19am, 26th May 2015
RT @ThinkingCities: Technology unlocks cities for visually impaired @futurecitiescat @guidedogs #CitiesUnlocked http…
1:11am, 26th May 2015
Change a Life. Join our team at Guide Dogs. We're looking for a Service Delivery Manager to join our #Newcastle team
12:30pm, 24th May 2015
RT @OK_OurKids: Fantastic day with @WhizzKidz & @NaomiRiches2012, talking about #bullying #DontJufgeABookByItsCover #WatchOut http://t.c…
11:22am, 24th May 2015
RT @Anim_MA: Helping @WhizzKidz with the t-shirt design workshop! #art #charity #student ambassador @UniCreativeArts
11:22am, 24th May 2015
Happy half term holiday to all our hard-working staff and children. Enjoy your break and see you soon! x
12:41pm, 22nd May 2015
Could you coordinate WK services for disabled children in East England? Then we have the #job for you! #jobsearch
12:41pm, 22nd May 2015
RT @chrisrhall: My amazing cycle club @ripor is #fundraising for @thepacecentre. Donate to our @JustGiving page
12:37pm, 22nd May 2015
We're looking for an Individual Giving Channel Manager to join our central office team! Interested? Apply here:
12:00pm, 22nd May 2015
@misssuzwong Hi Suz, if you contact our events team ( they should be able to point you in the right direction.
10:04am, 22nd May 2015
Looking for something to do this #BankHolidayWeekend? Try our delicious chicken salad recipe:
4:51am, 22nd May 2015
We have just heard that Freddie, who completed a Sahara Trek for us,has been awarded the Young Achiever Award for Rugby!Well done Freddie!!
4:12am, 22nd May 2015
RT @Alikellett: Today Ruby leaves us and goes to the @guidedogs training centre. Gonna miss her cheeky face. Do us proud Rubes :-) http://t…
2:49am, 22nd May 2015
RT @JK_GDT: Introducing Elly, one of my new @guidedogs in training who arrived at Reading Mobility Team on Tuesday.
2:48am, 22nd May 2015
Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day #gaad. Visit our fully accessible Friends of Guide Dogs community:
12:30pm, 21st May 2015
@BPotter38 Great news Jemima - welcome to the team! Great to have a member of our HAG joining #TeamWhizzKidz runners too.
10:59am, 21st May 2015

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