Our Charity Partners

Marie Curie Cancer Care

Make it your year to take on a challenge for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Be part of an amazing team and help more people with cancer and other terminal illnesses. Take on a 5k, 10k or one of the world's great marathons with us and we'll support you all the way. As soon as you sign up you'll get an exclusive Nike Dri-Fit running vest - that's been designed to keep you cool during your training and race.

Visit our website Call 08700 340 040


Oxfam is a global movement of people passionate about putting an end to poverty.Together, we're up for moving mountains, going that extra mile. Together we're humankind. As the 2011 official London Marathon and Edinburgh Marathon charity, and with places in other major UK races, we're serious about running. We use every ounce of our determination to make sure our runners have the experience of a lifetime. And, because of your extraordinary determination, whole communities will work their way out of poverty. For good. Determination is everything.

The Pace Centre

PACE is a ground-breaking children’s charity that transforms the lives of children and young people with physical disabilities. Fundamental to our approach is a belief in every child’s ability to learn and make progress, whatever the physical or sensory challenges they face. Our overriding goal is to help children and young people with physical disabilities to achieve their full potential and to be as independent as possible in their current and future lives.

Asthma UK

5.4 million people in the UK now have asthma and 10 per cent of all children have been diagnosed by a doctor as having asthma. Every seven hours somebody dies from asthma, yet 90 per cent of these deaths are preventable. At Asthma UK we are working to prevent these deaths by understanding more about the causes of asthma and to free people with asthma from its effects. Joining the team in green and support Asthma UK!

Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs provide life-transforming freedom, independence and mobility to thousands of blind and partially-sighted people throughout the UK. We receive no government funding and depend entirely on voluntary donations to provide our services. Go for Guide Dogs and take part in a range of running events, from the 10k Great Manchester Run to the Virgin London Marathon. Guide Dogs will be with you every step of the way providing you with a full support pack complete with technical Saucony running top, fundraising tips and training hints. We would be delighted if you chose to run for Guide Dogs and we promise to give you the highest level of support through every stage of your race experience.

Visit our website Email us Call 0845 600 6787

Whizz Kidz

Whizz-Kidz is a dynamic charity all about giving disabled children and young people the independence to enjoy an active childhood - at home, at school and at play. By providing them with customised mobility equipment, training, advice and life skills, we actually give them something much more important; the independence to be themselves. We make an immediate and life changing difference to their lives and their families. We are virtually 100% reliant on voluntary funds so we urgently need your support to enable as many young people as possible to lead an active childhood. Join Team Whizz-Kidz and benefit from our legendary runner support package. Your steps will help a disabled child take theirs. We have places in New York, London, Berlin, Paris and many more! We look forward to hearing from you.

Visit our website Email us Call 020 7233 9696

British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is dedicated to saving lives every day; through pioneering research, caring for patients and families, campaigning for change and providing vital information to help people care for their own heart health. Whether you know someone who has been affected by heart problems or you just want to put your running shoes on for a great cause, your heart will tell you that there is no one better to run for than the UK's number one heart charity! Join our BHF Heart Runners Team and help us win the race against heart disease.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support is dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by cancer. We provide practical, medical, emotional and financial support and push for better cancer care. There are now two million people - nearly double the previous estimate of 1.2 million - living with, and after, cancer. 99% of our work is funded by voluntary donations, which is why we need your help to continue raising valuable funds to support Macmillan's work. Together, we can make a difference. Here at Team Macmillan we understand what it takes to train for and complete a running event whatever the distance. Our huge support network will be there for you every step of the way, while you raise money to change the lives of people affected by cancer across the UK. We'll provide you with lots of fundraising advice, training and nutritional tips, and we'll be there on the day to cheer you around the course! So, put on your running shoes and take part in the challenge of a lifetime! We look forward to welcoming you to the team.

Visit our website Email us Call 020 7840 7878

@mibrahimfuad We are talking to the UK Gov,, asking them to use their influence to bring a ceasefire. In the meantime,we need to help people
11:52am, 31st Jul 2014
Yesterday we had a stem cell registration drive with @acltcharity and @DeleteBC. 210 people registered! You can too: http://t.co/3sJoFAfjSl
11:51am, 31st Jul 2014
@Shagamoli We're nice like that :)
11:36am, 31st Jul 2014
@leftwatcher This isn't just about wealth. It's also about the power that these people wield. http://t.co/kozHaHZUe4
11:33am, 31st Jul 2014
Get spooky on your bike this Halloween! Cyclists of all abilities welcome on this fancy dress night cycle in London http://t.co/idrAtbJJTy
11:29am, 31st Jul 2014
@SnippyBitch Not a problem at all. I hope you have a great day.
11:24am, 31st Jul 2014
@SnippyBitch ...fundraisers who knocked on your door. The agency who deals with their fundraisers have forwarded the complaint to the team.
11:20am, 31st Jul 2014
@SnippyBitch ... fundraisers who knocked on your door. The agency who deals with their fundraisers have forwarded the complaint to the team.
11:19am, 31st Jul 2014
@SnippyBitch Hi David. We're told that we didn't have fundraisers in Manchester the day of your complaint. It was another cancer charity's..
11:19am, 31st Jul 2014
@SultanAlQassemi Hi, Thank you very much for sharing and for your support during this difficult time. It is very much appreciated - Paul
11:17am, 31st Jul 2014
@JohnAHale We're not anit-Israel. We call for an end to hostilities on both sides and support a 2 state solution. Thanks for your comments.
11:16am, 31st Jul 2014
@willbungay We're highlighting the real problems and injustices that keep people poor so that we can effect real change. Thanks, Gareth
11:14am, 31st Jul 2014
@styleeast @jonsnowC4 Hi Jennifer. That's fantastic. I hope it goes well and thank you for your support. It is very much appreciated - Paul
11:13am, 31st Jul 2014
@leftwatcher Fixing poverty requires us to highlight systems and injustices that keep people poor so that we can effect change. ^Gareth
11:12am, 31st Jul 2014
@ryan11griffiths @Jamesroberts7 @Football__Tweet Hi Ryan, As a Chelsea fan and staff at Oxfam, Thank you very much for your support :) -Paul
11:08am, 31st Jul 2014
@kaisoojpg @Iumiere_ Hi, Thank you very much for your support it is very much appreciated - Paul
11:02am, 31st Jul 2014
@Jessicaholmes19 Fantastic, well done Jess!
10:57am, 31st Jul 2014
@jadegough86 Adorable! Best of luck for Saturday, Jade - you can do it!
10:56am, 31st Jul 2014
@CrabbersTweet Ooh the intrigue... Thanks Simon!
10:50am, 31st Jul 2014
@si610 Hear hear! That's a brilliant challenge, David :)
10:49am, 31st Jul 2014
@carolinehannam Wow, thanks Caroline! Every donation really does make a huge difference to us.
10:48am, 31st Jul 2014
@JonM1981 Great work, Jon!
10:47am, 31st Jul 2014
@kaybee1978 That's such a lovely picture, Kay.
10:47am, 31st Jul 2014
@CharlieeeHaines We're looking forward to it too, Charlie!
10:45am, 31st Jul 2014
@gemma_penny It's going to be great, Gemma!
10:45am, 31st Jul 2014
Over a million people with asthma are missing key medicine checks. Are you? http://t.co/cLFhFVG1xu http://t.co/CEG4bhOIzB
10:42am, 31st Jul 2014
Seven hundred and twenty-two thousand, one hundred and thirteen. http://t.co/IRRmcd9aNE
10:41am, 31st Jul 2014
@LondonEnviro Wow, that's absolutely fantastic!
10:38am, 31st Jul 2014
@Hippystitch Hi :-) Would it be ok for us to feature your bunting sale and blog on our Facebook page?
10:27am, 31st Jul 2014
RT @JCnutter: My before and after raising money for @macmillancancer @ShaveOrStyle Had a great night but my legs are stinging #wax http://t…
10:19am, 31st Jul 2014
@lostruin Hi Gaz, if you see him again can you tell him we said thanks from the Macmillan office? (Also thanks to you for the head shave!)
10:18am, 31st Jul 2014
RT @lostruin: What a top bloke my window cleaner is, he's just given me some money for my @macmillancancer head shave!
10:17am, 31st Jul 2014
@iceangel21 Thanks for sharing this Gabrielle. We hope it inspires other people with asthma to exercise too. Our tips http://t.co/7w5qlqinTH
10:07am, 31st Jul 2014
@em_chatty Thanks for sharing, glad it's inspired you. Asthma doesn't have to stop you exercising! Here's some tips: http://t.co/7w5qlqinTH
10:04am, 31st Jul 2014
RT @MarcSilverside: Stuart @themadfool starts pushing sprout up Snowdon WITH HIS NOSE! The things people do for @macmillancancer http://t.c…
10:01am, 31st Jul 2014
@ElisaProtheroe Thanks for sharing this Elisa. Your project sounds great, good luck with it and let us know how you get on!
9:51am, 31st Jul 2014
@emmarose1980 @AsthmaNSW @PositiveAboutMS @shiftms @MSUK6 @MSTrust @PLwithMS Hope it goes well. Call us if you have any Qs! 0800 121 62 44
9:35am, 31st Jul 2014
@AnnaVMathias @JustGiving Thanks for sharing Anna! Big thanks and birthday wishes to Andrew - @Asthmaukevents will be there to cheer him on!
9:22am, 31st Jul 2014
Dad tells us how Jacob's new wheelchair has improved his life thanks to @andyburnhammp running the @LondonMarathon https://t.co/RlTVg2VMvC
9:22am, 31st Jul 2014
Find information on the new #WestLothianService for patients & carers at http://t.co/l3Ob0iTOtN
9:15am, 31st Jul 2014
@bunnib0iler Oh no, don't let the weather beat you! Would these tips help? http://t.co/DlFGEZnyUU
9:14am, 31st Jul 2014
RT @LancasterWelwyn: Our technician STEVE JORDAN (who loves a bacon roll...) has raised £387 for @WhizzKidz by doing the #nojunkjuly challe…
9:12am, 31st Jul 2014
RT @scope: How much more do disabled people have to pay on holiday travel insurance? #ThePriceIsWrong http://t.co/N4ABJi8QTv http://t.co/0j…
12:55pm, 30th Jul 2014
RT @ClareCharityCen: Are you looking for the room to allow your business to expand? Find out more about our meeting rooms in #Bucks at http…
12:55pm, 30th Jul 2014
New research from Marie Curie investigates Nurses' roles ‘anticipatory’ prescribing for patients at the end of life http://t.co/oeKZuENr48
12:50pm, 30th Jul 2014
Did you know Whizz-Kidz ambassador, Arthur, is volunteering at this year's #CommonwealthGames? Read more of his story http://t.co/86CN6VWRMU
12:49pm, 30th Jul 2014
RT @FreddiesTrek: Just 6 weeks left to buy tickets to our dinner and auction for @guidedogs @LeamGuideDogs at http://t.co/vOi6ulPkr4 http:/…
12:36pm, 30th Jul 2014
@tavyboyspfake We don't like the sound of this. Could you call our asthma nurses & tell us more? Hopefully they can help you. 0800 121 62 44
11:35am, 30th Jul 2014
RT @Sivatech: Click link to read up on our recent charity event, raising money for a local charity @thepacecentre http://t.co/htqoDiJcWM
11:23am, 30th Jul 2014
On July 12 we held a fantastic guide dog experience day together with @BlindChildrenUK and @actionforblind in #Leeds http://t.co/bxaxYCeH7l
10:10am, 30th Jul 2014
RT @VLCreations: @mariecurieuk cupcakes for a fundraiser http://t.co/92O0H0VGZQ
9:55am, 30th Jul 2014
RT @DiverseCardiff: Huge thank you to Jess and Shelley @WhizzKidz for surviving the melting heat in the studio & coming to talk to us about…
9:20am, 30th Jul 2014
RT @DiverseCardiff: To find out more about @WhizzKidz ambassador events or about volunteering contact Shelly Williams on 07760368424. Big t…
9:20am, 30th Jul 2014
We're delighted to be joining @4CBucks!
9:20am, 30th Jul 2014
Re-live the excitement of the Tour de France #GrandDepart & the #PowerPeleton with our photo & video highlights: http://t.co/ZcAwVk0LOl
9:16am, 30th Jul 2014
See how you have helped us give back ex-servicemen, like Rob, their independence since 1931 #WW1 #WW1centenary http://t.co/mJmyOpcDLf
7:30am, 30th Jul 2014
.@CP_Teensdaily Thanks for the RTs! Great to connect with you!
5:46am, 30th Jul 2014
RT @Eternal03: Just sponsored a puppy with @guidedogs. You should too.
4:50am, 30th Jul 2014
@IAmAppleton Hi, please could you email guidedogs@guidedogs.org.uk and we'll get our team to call you. Thank you for thinking of Guide Dogs
4:45am, 30th Jul 2014
.@johnwquinn @YouTube A powerful lesson for all of us: keep going, never give up, and just be you! Thank you John!
4:16am, 30th Jul 2014
RT @johnwquinn: Having Cerebral Palsy and Doing Your Best -: http://t.co/2b8s4papG9 via @YouTube #cerebralpalsy #CPChatNow #disability
4:14am, 30th Jul 2014
ICYMI here is a link to our #WalkTen #TwitterTour of @tatton_park from this morning https://t.co/KlOHjZJnpI
3:21am, 30th Jul 2014
New Marie Curie Shop opening in #Hillborough tomorrow! Grand opening at 11am! Addr: Unit 4 Hillsborough Barracks, S6 2LR
3:01am, 30th Jul 2014
@sportingbrainuk @JustGiving @Asthmaukevents Thank you for choosing to fundraise for us, Brendon. Good luck in the #TPChallenge!
2:21am, 30th Jul 2014
Find information on the new #WestLothianService for patients and carers at http://t.co/nqZf1rWaa6
2:05am, 30th Jul 2014
RT @RosalindMyGuide: Sighted Guide course in Perth 4th Aug. Want to come? Still places left. Email myguideeastofscotland@guidedogs.org.uk @…
2:04am, 30th Jul 2014
RT @RosalindMyGuide: My Guide sighted guide training taking place in #Aberdeen on 1st + 2nd Sept. Book your place now. Contact me #myguide
2:03am, 30th Jul 2014
RT @MarieCurieEOLC: Our new tri-partner service with @NHS_Lothian @MacmillanScot launches today. Follow #WestLothianService for updates
1:53am, 30th Jul 2014
RT @MarieCurieEOLC: Launch of the first #Scotland tri-partner service for @macmillanscot @nhs_lothian @mariecurieuk #WestLothianService htt…
1:53am, 30th Jul 2014
Ready for #CampBestival? Be sure to avoid an asthma attack this weekend by reading our Festival Survival Guide: http://t.co/E7AD4hAAS4
1:01am, 30th Jul 2014
.@Sivatech @doitforcharity Amazing! And brave! Thanks so much for taking the plunge to help transform the lives of kids with #cerebralpalsy!
12:28pm, 29th Jul 2014
RT @Sivatech: @doitforcharity On behalf of @Sivatech, we faced our fears and raised almost £2,000 for @thepacecentre! #Skydive http://t.co/…
12:25pm, 29th Jul 2014
RT @JessWhizzKidz: Check out Shelley Whizz-Kidz & I! We've just been talking about @WhizzKidz services in South Wales on… http://t.co/7Hexm…
10:15am, 29th Jul 2014
RT @DiverseCardiff: Today's show featuring @WhizzKidz @JessWhizzKidz + Cardiff Stop The War Coalition is available to listen online now: ht…
10:14am, 29th Jul 2014
RT @GeorgeFielding1: Great to attend filming for @WhizzKidz's website/app at #TowerHamlets wheelchair service. Clips provide useful tips re…
10:14am, 29th Jul 2014
RT @TheSouthernCoop: In support of the colleagues @1000Lakeside we are going offline for 24 hours. Support us and @WhizzKidz at http://t.co…
10:13am, 29th Jul 2014
RT @VivisVenture: Summer School @thepacecentre with Vivi's old buddies!
8:24am, 29th Jul 2014
RT @CallCentre_SBM: Great to have @guidedogs visit us today! http://t.co/DUwKIWmNyi
4:55am, 29th Jul 2014
Ofcom | Speaking TV programme guides - Would they help people with visual impairments, and are they feasible? http://t.co/b8f9y7BJ9T
1:59am, 29th Jul 2014
9yr old Freddie & parents are trekking across the Sahara Desert Mar 15 for us. Join them for a dinner and auction http://t.co/24agfvMImy
1:36am, 29th Jul 2014
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